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Apple hopes to sell over 50 million watches in 2015

Apple is reportedly aiming to sell upwards of 50 million Apple Watches in 2015. The news comes via a new report from Digitimes, which claims that Apple has placed orders for shipments of up to five million AMOLED panels per month…Read more ›

Forget The iWatch, Here Are 11 Apple Watches You Can Buy Right Now [Gallery]

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When rumors of the iWatch first surfaced, most insiders pegged its launch date for somewhere around the end of 2013 and everyone got super excited that our wrists are going to get blinged out by Apple really soon. However, lately we’ve been hearing that that might not be the case, and we won’t be able to slap Apple’s magical wrist watch on until 2014.

The unreleased iWatch isn’t the  [Read More…]

Apple Board Member Calls Out Glasses And Watches In Era Of Intimate Technology

I would buy this in a heartbeat.

I would buy this in a heartbeat.

Bill Campbell, an Apple board member as well as the chairman of the Intuit board, sat down for an hour long chat with Intuit’s CEO today to talk about technology. This is a rare move for Campbell, who’s known for his behind the scenes work (as well as his salty language, apparently).

Without giving away Apple secrets, Campbell talked  [Read More…]

App for Martian Watches Unlocks More Promised Potential Like Camera Mode, Twitter Mentions



Hold the phone! Or, rather — don’t. Martian Watch models see much of its promised potential unlocked With the launch today of iOS and Android apps, just ahead of their estimated ship date(s).

The app finally adds two major features to the watches — remote camera control and social media updates — along with a few smaller ones.

Camera Mode allows one of the buttons on a Martian Watch  [Read More…]

Apple’s Design Team Studied Nike Sport Watches While Working On iWatch


Included in Bloomberg’s big story this morning on Apple’s iWatch that may arrive this year, was a small paragraph that said Jony Ive and his team ordered a bunch of watches made by Nike in the mid-2000s.

Maybe Ive and his design team just liked the Nike watches, but according to Scott Wilson, who was Nike’s creative director at the time, Ive might have ordered the watches so his team could  [Read More…]

i.TV is an Essential App for Anyone Who Watches TV [Daily Freebie]

Even with the iPad eating away at the time we spend in front of the bigger screens in my case, the iPad is my screen of choice when watching Netflixed TV shows cable subscriptions still have a ton of appeal. Want to watch the Olympics live on your iPad via the official NBC app? You’ll need a cable subscription; and then there are all the recent great cable shows:  [Read More…]

My Data Manager Watches Your Data Usage With Crazy Awesome Feature Set [Daily Freebie]

There are lots of apps out there that let you manage your data usage, but My Data Manager amazes. It works on both the iPhone and iPad, and has a feature set that’d make it a great deal even at $ 5 let alone at the $ 0 it actually costs.

Really, there are almost too many different ways to view data usage. There’s a data summary screen that displays  [Read More…]

HTC Watches the iPhone Jump the Shark [Humor]

Given thehilarious nature of HTC PresidentMartin Fichters recent comment on the iPhones cool factor, its only fitting that a web comic be put together to summarize the event. Keep those retraction comments coming, Fichter. (via AllThingsD)