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Apple Watch’s dominance isn’t slowing down any time soon

The Apple Watch is the hottest smartwatch on the market. And it looks like it is going to stay that way for a while. A report by International Data Corporation says the Apple Watch will lead a rapidly growing wearables market through at least 2019 as a skeptical public gets won over by more sophisticated […]

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Get out of bed with Apple Watch’s new Nightstand mode

Every day, it’s the same thing. Wake up to my iPhone blaring OK Go’s “I Won’t Let You Down” at me, then fumble the Tap to Snooze function (which never seems to work for me in the morning). It’s not as simple as an alarm clock, and the distraction of having your iPhone with you […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Pro Tip: Your Apple Watch’s Activation Lock may already be on

This week’s release of watchOS 2 brings a much-needed security update to Apple’s wearable by adding Activation Lock to the device, and the great news is that you may not even have to do anything to add it. Activation Lock has been around for a while for other Apple devices, and its purpose is to […]

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Apple Watch’s biggest fan? Siri

Everybody likes to get a good chuckle out of Siri, Apple’s virtual assistant. But we really have to call its brand neutrality into question. Despite all of the doom and gloom we’ve been hearing since the Apple Watch launched in…Read more ›

Gene Munster thinks 2017 will be Apple Watch’s breakout year

For all those people writing off the Apple Watch as a failure just a few months after its launch, Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster has a simple message: Slow down on the quick judgments. In a new note to investors, Munster claims that…Read more ›

Apple Watch’s new ads focus on travel and fitness

Apple continued its marketing blitz for the Apple Watch today with four new TV ads that highlight how useful the new wearable is for fitness freaks as well as travel junkies. Two of the clever new ads titled ‘Beijing’ and…Read more ›

The good and the bad of Apple Watch’s waterproofing

A new report suggests that the Apple Watch’s maker has sold its wearable short when it comes to its performance in water. Developer Craig Hockenberry says that the wearable works (mostly) fine in liquid and knows because he swims with…Read more ›

The Duo watch wants to be your Apple Watch’s BFF

Traditional watch manufacturers are struggling to find a solution to take on Apple Watch, but Original Grain has taken the ‘if you can’t beat em, join em’ cliche a bit too literal with its newest watch collection. The company launched…Read more ›

Patent hints at fixing Apple Watch’s heart-rate monitor

The Apple Watch’s heart-rate monitor is pretty damned cool, but it’s the one piece of the new smartwatch that’s seeing the most updates and tweaks since the hardware launched seven weeks ago. A new patent suggests that Apple has even…Read more ›

ASUS ZenWatch 2 steals Apple Watch’s digital crown concept

The Asus ZenWatch 2 smartwatch certainly has something familiar about it, right? The latest Android Wear device to be shown off at the Computex trade show in Taipei, Asus’ new timepiece sticks by and large to the form factor of…Read more ›