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How to Use Waze on CarPlay to Replace Apple Maps

If you use Waze to navigate you may appreciate having the Waze app be front and center on CarPlay while you’re driving with iPhone. You might even be interested in replacing Apple Maps with Waze if you use the Waze app more than Apple Maps on your CarPlay vehicle. This article will show you how … Read More

Waze will now nag you about how fast you’re driving

We expect navigation apps to warn us about gridlock, give us the best routes, and tell us how long our drives will be. But Waze is rolling out a new speed-limits feature that, while useful, might come off as a pain at first. The crowdsourced traffic app now includes limits information for thousands of roads, […]

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Bring Skynet to your smartphone with the Terminator’s Waze directions

The Terminator may have struggled to find John Connor, but he’ll know exactly where you’re going the next time you need directions behind the wheel. To celebrate the launch of Terminator Genisys, Arnold Schwarzenegger has lent his voice to Google-owned navigation app Waze,…Read more ›

Gamify your commute: Waze drops Easter eggs all over the road

Crowd-sourced navigation app Waze has got a neat little idea for this coming Easter: little eggs you can drive over while using the app for points (three per egg!) and bragging rights. So, as you drive down the street, headed…Read more ›

Google’s Social Mapping App Waze Gets iOS Calendar Integration

Although Google bought social mapping service Waze in June of last year, the iOS app is still getting impressive new updates. The latest? Waze for iOS has just gained Calendar integration. It might not seem useful at first glance, but…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Google Brings Waze Alerts To Google Maps For Android & iOS

waze_incidentGoogle has updated its Google Maps apps for Android and iOS to add real-time incident reports from the Waze community. This means that when Waze users — or “Wazers” as they like to be called — report accidents, construction, road closures, and other delays, the alerts will be displayed inside Google Maps as well as […]

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Google Confirms It Has Acquired Waze As It Looks To Improve Google Maps


Google has today confirmed that it has acquired social mapping service Waze as it looks to improve Google Maps. The company did not disclose how much it paid for the Israeli startup, but it has revealed that it plans to integrate some of its popular features into Google Maps.

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Google Considering Buying Waze For Around $1 Billion


Google is considering a buyout of Waze, the mapping app for iPhone and Android that specializes in crowd-sourced information. Waze’s asking price is around $ 1 billion, according to a new report from Bloomberg. Other big tech companies have been courting the map startup, most notably Facebook.

“None of the bidders is close to clinching a deal and the talks may fall apart,” says the report. There have been whispers that  [Read More…]

Apple Maps Beats Google And Waze In An Unofficial Test Among Tech Pundits


John C Dvorak, Leo Laporte, and a couple of other folks involved in This Week in Tech (TwiT) had a meeting together at the Apple campus at 1 Infinite Loop in Cupertino this past Monday, and they ended up having an informal battle of the navigation apps in the three cars they were each driving. TWiT CEO Lisa Kentzell and marketing guy Glenn Rubenstein were in one car, using Apple Maps,  [Read More…]

As You Were: Apple And Waze Aren’t In Buy-Out Talks


Yesterday, we reported with intense skepticism the “rumor” (in actuality, baseless speculation) that Apple had offered Waze, the social turn-by-turn navigation company, $ 500 million in a potential buy-out deal.

The deal didn’t make a lot of sense for a number of reasons, and now, it looks we were right to scoff. Techcrunch — the same publication that initially publicized the so-called Apple/Waze “deal” — is now saying that no deal  [Read More…]