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Mailtracker Lets You Know Where And When Your Sent Emails Were Read

Mailtracker is an app that lets you snoop on the folks you send email to. It tells you if and when your mails were read, what device they read it on and what city they are in. Sounds pretty creepy…

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How Nintendo Games Would Look If They Were Made For iOS [Gallery]

The House That Mario Built isn’t any closer to bringing Zelda, Mario, Donkey Kong, and the others to iOS anytime soon, but what would Nintendo’s classic games look like if they were originally built for iOS? Rather than waiting for…

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If Tim Cook Were A Cowboy, He’d Wear This [Image]

Apple may be great at making trackpads, but they are pretty terrible at making computer mice. On the positive side, though? Those mice make pretty great fashion statements. Source: Flickr Via: TUAW


Tesla, iCars, And We’re Ambushed By Russian GoGo Dancers On The CultCast

Greetings, comrades! This time on CultCast: we travel to mother Russia and dance with gogo dancers (no, really); Apple talks to Tesla, we talk iCars. Plus, for the first time, Apple brings the iTunes Festival to the United States; Facebook…

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Everything You Wanted To Know About Sapphire Glass, But Were Afraid To Ask [Q&A]

Sapphire glass was in the news again today, thanks to a jump in the share price of GT Advanced Technologies Inc. — the company which will reportedly manufacture the iPhone 6’s sapphire display. With contrasting reports about sapphire’s advantages over…

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Apple: Sneaky Samsung Is Lying About Whether We’re Cool With iPhone Cloning

Apple’s entire beef with Samsung is that the Korean electronics maker keeps on shamelessly ripping off the design of their devices, so is anyone surprised that the latest roadblock in the Apple vs. Samsung case has to do with an…

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Double Dragon Trilogy Returns You To A Time When Games Didn’t Care If You Were Happy [Review]

I’m old, so I remember playing the original Double Dragon on a decrepit arcade cabinet at Showbiz Pizza while the Rock-afire Explosion played and lurched in its creeepy, mechanical way in the next room and I just paid attention to…

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Apple Stores To Answer Everything You Wanted to Know About Code (But Were Afraid to Ask)

Steve Jobs once said in an interview that everyone in America should learn programming. Well, if you’re interested in coding, but don’t know where to start, your local Apple Store may be the place for you. Over the weekend, Apple…

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Around 40% Of iPads Sold On Black Friday Were Purchased By Android Users

While Android may be running away with the lion’s share of the smartphone market, there’s still no doubt about what rules the roost when it comes to tablets. New data from InfoScout reveals that roughly 40% of iPads sold on…

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251.4 Million Smartphones Were Sold Last Quarter, And 81.3% Were Running Android

Worldwide smartphones shipments reached a whopping 251.4 million units during the third quarter of 2013, up 45% from the 172.8 million units sold during the same quarter last year, and 81.3% of them were running Android. The iPhone’s share fell…

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