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Apple: “We do not accept fart apps on the Apple Watch.”

Those of you who were hoping that the Apple Watch would usher in a new era of flatulation apps, prepare to be disappointed: Apple has already rejected the first app which serves no other purpose than to allow people to…Read more ›

“We Have Different Phone Numbers, Why Are Our iPhones Ringing at the Same Time?”

Many iPhone users have discovered that since updating a few of the household phones to the latest versions of iOS, suddenly when one iPhone rings, so does another completely different iPhone with a different phone number. This is often the case with spouses and partners who find their iPhone ringing when their wife or husbands … Read More

Tim Cook: Apple Should Be The Catalyst For Tax Reform, ‘We Don’t Use Gimmicks’

Seriously, the IRS lets us do all sorts of things.

Seriously, the IRS lets us do all sorts of things.

In his interview today at the AllThingsD D11 conference, Apple CEO Tim Cook responded to questions from Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg about Apple taxes. Relating his time with the congressional subcommittee this past week, Cook, said that he felt strongly about how the company was portrayed by lawmakers.

Cook said that he  [Read More…]