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Wearable recorder keeps your mic close at hand

There are people who walk this earth with a recorder and mic much the way a photographer does with a camera. Like the eye, the ear picks up rich and textured details, from the husky-voiced uncle spinning a yarn at Thanksgiving to swirly gusts of wind rousting the last leaves of fall clinging to their […]

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Wearable with flexible display set to blow your mind next year

A new wearable is set to make devices like the Apple Watch and the LG Urbane look like old-fashioned junk. Wove might cause a twinge of nostalgia among children of the ’90s who grew up with slap bracelets on everyone’s wrists, but it’s way more impressive than those (which, let’s face it, most things are). […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Fallout 4′s awesome wearable bonus incompatible with iPhone 6 Plus

If you’ve been itching to put a real-life Pip-Boy on your wrist via the $ 120 collector’s edition of Bethesda’s highly-anticipated role playing video game, Fallout 4, and you own an iPhone 6 Plus, you may be out of luck. The…Read more ›

Android Wear vs. Apple Watch: Which wearable platform deserves a spot on your wrist?

With Apple Watch still sold out and Google reportedly gearing up to deliver Android Wear support for iPhone at Google I/O next week, it’s time for two of the hottest wearable platforms to face off. Apple Watch is selling 30,000 units every day in…Read more ›

MIT’s new wearable trackpad is all thumbs

Stop chewing your fingernails now. You may be biting off a new frontier in wearable technology. Researchers at MIT have devised a way to turn the thumbnail into a wireless trackpad that will allow users to control their devices when…Read more ›

Forget Apple Watch, Netflix wearable wants to own your wrist

One of the things highlighted in this week’s Apple Watch early hands-on reviews is that the device’s constant stream of notifications has the potential to drive you nuts. With rival companies never wanting to miss out on a chance to…Read more ›

Best deals of the week: Save 40% on the MOOV wearable fitness coach [Deals]

Like a shiny new penny, Cult of Mac Deals gleams with new products that are sure to streamline your life, up your game, and offer new opportunities. Get in in this action now before you miss out. Check out Cult…Read more ›

First wearable computers made you look like a freaking Borg

It would have been hard to don a Xybernaut Poma wearable PC in 2002 without uttering the phrase, “Resistance is futile.” What was arguably the first wearable computer had the look of a Borg, a cybernetic villain from Star Trek:…Read more ›

Can’t decide on a wearable? Here’s how you can sample 5 for a week

With so many wearables to choose from these days, how do you decide which one is right for you? Are you better off investing in a cross-platform device like the Pebble, or do you want the color display and other…Read more ›

Shocking wearable could quell your chronic pain

LAS VEGAS — Not every wearable launched this year will get slapped on your wrist. Quell, a new electrical-stimulation device designed to help alleviate chronic pain, gets wrapped around the wearer’s calf. “I like to say it’s like a USB…Read more ›