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Soon you’ll be able to use your iPhone while wearing gloves

What with it being winter and all, it would be great if Apple embraced the concept of letting people use iPhones while wearing regular gloves — something already offered by manufacturers such as Samsung. Well, according to a patent application published today, we may not be waiting too much longer because Apple has invented something […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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iPad installation plays music based on the face you are wearing

You’re in a mood and your face can’t hide it. Now imagine if that face was the source of music. The “Sound of Emotion,” a musical project created with facial expression recognition technology, will be on display at the Market…Read more ›

Ipad drummer’s fingers wearing out en route to 100 songs

Apple Man, the “sickest” drummer on virtual skins, added black nail polish to his fast-flying fingers in his latest YouTube video to display his iPad-pounding prowess. We never see his face, so there’s no telling whether he went full Marilyn…Read more ›

NFL bans players from wearing Beats headphones on camera

Bose just laid a major smackdown on Beats, courtesy of a new deal with the NFL which bars any non-Bose headphones from being shown during interviews on NFL broadcasts. The wide-ranging agreement covers TV interviews during training camps, practice sessions and, of…Read more ›

You’re Not Really Dressed Unless You’re Wearing iPhone Cufflinks!

You’ve seen iPhone home button cufflinks and on-button Mac cufflinks. Now, at long last, iPhone cufflinks are on the market.

They’re $ 29.99 on Amazon.com.

(Via Shut Up & Take My Money!) 

Incase Reflex Headphones: Like Wearing Your Favorite Pair of Jeans on Your Head [Review]

Denim never looked better.

Discovering great headphones from a company that specializes in making bags was surprisng at first, when we reviewed Incase’s Sonic headphones late last year. A month later we were less stunned when we grunted in approval at their Capsule in-ear ‘phones during our budget(ish) canalphone shootout.

This time around we got to play with a new denim-clad version of the on-the-ear Incase Reflex headphones ($ 80) which  [Read More…]

Scratch Your iPhone While Wearing A Cellhelmet, Theyll Replace The Screen For Free

This is the only screen protector in the world that comes with a guarantee for your display.

Back in February, I told you about an iPhone case from a company called cellhelmet that comes with one major advantage: If your iPhone breaks while it’s inside the case, cellhelmet will fix or replace it for free. Now the company is expanding, and it’s about to launch a new line of screen protectors that  [Read More…]