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How to Record Video on Mac with Webcam & QuickTime

Ever wanted to record a video on a Mac using the computers built-in camera? Maybe you want to capture a special moment as a movie, record a quick video note, record a movie for social media, or for any other purpose. Whatever the reason, you can easily record video on Mac using the front facing … Read More

The FBI Director Puts Tape Over His Webcam, Should You?

If you have ever been to an IT event or security conference you have undoubtedly seen many laptops with tape covering over their built-in cameras. The practice is becoming so common within some groups of people that you’ll occasionally even see the taped webcams in coffee shops and the workplace too. Interestingly enough, it’s not … Read More

Monitor Belkin’s Night-Vision Webcam From Your iPhone

Quick test: see if you can guess what the following product does, just by decoding its cryptic name. Ready?

Belkin NetCam Wi-Fi with Night Vision

If you guessed “a Wi-Fi-connected security camera, which can see in the dark and is, I don’t know, probably made by like Belkin or someone?” then congratulations! You are a detective as sharp as Sherlock and as clever as Colombo. Also, you should work on your speech patterns — making statements  [Read More…]