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Make Your Website Shine With The Professional Web Template Bundle [Deals]

Let’s face it: the more you surf the web, the more sites you’ll see that look similar to others. And t often doesn’t matter how great the content is on those sites – if they don’t stand out then they don’t get the attention they deserve. This is especially so for those sites trying to establish themselves.

Chances are, yours is one of those sites.

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Whoops! Apple’s Website Claims The New iPad Is Thinner Than A Penny [Image]

Every time Apple introduces a new product they love to compare it to a common object that shows just how magically small it is. The MacBook Air fits inside an envelope. The iPod Classic is the size of a deck of cards. The iPad mini is thinner than a pencil. And the 4th generation iPad with Retina display is thinner than a penny! Wait, what?

A typo on Apple’s website says  [Read More…]

Turn Any Website Into a Self-Contained Mac App with Fluid

A website turned app by Fluid in Mac OS X

Fluid is a great Mac app that converts any specified web site into it’s own self-contained application, allowing you to do things like turn Gmail, Facebook, Wikipedia, Soundcloud, and Pandora, into their own dedicated app. Other than being useful for creating apps exclusively for particular websites, it’s also great for those of us who are easily distracted by other things on the  [Read More…]

Check Any iPhone’s Unlock Status With This Handy Website [iOS Tips]

Wondering whether that iPhone you plan on buying off of craigslist is truly unlocked like it says in the ad? Want to make sure that your iPhone is able to switch carriers after a legitimate unlock from your current carrier? Grab your iPhone and open a new web browser window; we’re going to show you how to find out.

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$5 Friday: BLT Website Link Checker [Deals]

Oh how I dread broken links on the websites I made. Back in the day it was a lot easier to botch a link, today with WP and other awesomeness its harderbut not impossible. Of course, if youre still creating sites old school you need to have a good link checker handy.

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15 Website Templates To Promote Your App For $24 [Deals]

Youve created a great app. Maybe you learned how to code it up through the Learn To Code Bootcamp Bundle, but do you have your website ready for it? I blows my mind how many times I try to learn more about an app (especially when I want to review it) and the website either isnt complete or just looksbad.

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Your iPhone 5 Wont Include A Free Lightning Adapter, Despite What Apples Website Said

This is a lie.

When you pre-ordered your iPhone 5 this morning, and you decided to pick up a Lightning to 30-pin adapter for all your old accessories, you may have noticed that Apple’s website promised you a free adapter with your purchase. As it turns out, Apple made a mistake, and it will not be sending you a free adapter after all.

As you can see in the screenshot below, Apple’s  [Read More…]

Retina MacBook Pro Shipping Estimates Now 5-7 Days On Apples Website

Apple had some issues with initial shipments of the MacBook Pro with Retina display, but things are starting to look better. U.S. shipping estimates for the new laptop are now at a more reasonable 5-7 business days. Apple’s website previously said that it would take 1-2 weeks for new orders to ship, with orders taking nearly a month to ship back in mid-July.

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Instagram Is Working On Adding More Features To Its Website

A new discovery suggests that Instagram is working on improving its experience on the web. The popular photography network added the ability to comment on and like photos from the browser several weeks ago, and a “View Profile” option was spotted in the wild today by web designerCole Reinke. While the new menu option returned a 404 error, the finding reveals that Instagram is indeed developing a more full-featured  [Read More…]

Learn How To Build A Great HTML5 Website With Our Latest Tutorial [Deals]

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