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Apple Launches iTunes Match Website Complete With FAQ, Video Walkthrough, And More

Apple launched their iTunes Match service late last month in the U.S. and recently launched the service in 17 other countries, but a slew of questions and launch problems (mainly huge demand) created a certain level of uncertainty in users. Apple launched a dedicated iTunes Match site to help alleviate this uncertainty and answer common questions. The iTunes Match website includes pricing information, an explanation of how the service works, a quick start guide, walkthrough  [Read More…]

Learn How To Make the World’s Next Great Website with Cult of Mac’s Latest Offering [Deals]

So you wanna be the next Zuckerberg, eh? But, let me guess, you’re a “business guy” who doesn’t know how to program? You’ve thought about it, but you don’t even know where to start, or you just “don’t have time”. Stay on this path and you may end up finding yourself seeking out a code monkey! Trust us, nobody wants that. Here’s what we’re gonna do. We’re going to help you out by introducing you  [Read More…]

Kindle Fire Now Best Selling Tablet on Best Buy’s Website, Kind of

Amazon’s Kindle Fire ousted the 16GB iPad from the top spot on Best Buy’s “Best Selling” tablet list. Tech Crunch quickly jumped on the story with the headline “The Kindle Fire Bests The iPad At BestBuy.com, Becomes The Retailer’s Best Selling Tablet Online.” I’ll kindly disagree with their headline. Yes the Kindle Fire is now positioned ahead of Apple’s 16GB iPad 2, but Tech Crunch assumes that the Kindle Fire’s sales are greater than the  [Read More…]

T-Mobile Slams iPhone 4S in Ads and on Website

T-Mobile’s holiday marketing strategy? Bash the iPhone 4S. It appears T-Mobile’s has developed some bitterness toward Apple. Being the only major carrier in the U.S. without the iPhone must be tough. A slew of advertisements have started popping up around the Internet highlighting “advantages” Android devices have over the iPhone 4S. T-Mobile even has a “Android vs iPhone” page on their website with the headline “The heavyweights are here” followed by: “Look out, iPhone 4S—meet  [Read More…]

New Macintosh Trojan ? Turns Your Mac Into a Virtual Website Attacker

Another Macintosh trojan hits the wild. The last Macintosh trojan that we reported on was named Flashback.C, and would execute after you opened a .dmg file posing to be Adobe Flash player. It would install and disable your Apple Anti-Malware system. If you had LittleSnitch installed, the trojan would not execute, instead automatically delete itself. Now, another Macintosh trojan is on the loose. This trojan was originally made for Linux systems, but was ported to  [Read More…]

Remembering Steve: Apple Shares Fan Tributes Through Its Website

Apple has updated its website this morning introduce a ‘Remembering Steve‘ page which shares a selection of tributes left by Apple fans from all over the world since Steve passed away on October 5. The page automatically refreshes every so often with new tributes from fans who have shared their memories, thoughts, and feelings on Steve’s passing. Over a million people have already shared their tributes, according to Apple, and fans are  [Read More…]

Vodafone Germany Lists iPhone 4S in 16GB, 32GB & 64GB Capacities on its Website

Apple’s upcoming ‘iPhone 4S‘ seems to have appeared all over the place over the past few days. Firstly the Cupertino company itself leaked the device within an iTunes beta, then Cincinnati Bell listed it — along with the iPhone 5 — on its website. Vodafone Germany is the latest to claim its share of the free publicity, listing the device on its website with 16GB, 32GB and 64GB of storage. Within  [Read More…]

German Website Makes Own Physical iPhone 5 Mockup

Numerous iPhone 5 mockups have surfaced ranging from teardrop designs with edge to edge screens to simple upgrades retaining most of the iPhone 4 design elements. However, all of them have shared one common characteristic: they’re digital mockups. German site Giga.de one-upped them all and produced a physical mockup of what they think the iPhone 5 will look like. The design—based on iPhone 5 case leaks that have surfaced over the past few months—has a teardrop design, larger  [Read More…]

New BBC Beta Website Takes Cues From iPlayer App

BBC beta Here in the UK, the BBC has released a beta version of a redesigned website, and what’s striking about it is how much it owes to the Beeb’s iPlayer app for iPad.   Here’s the current BBC home page: BBC current design And here’s the iPad app: [Read More…]