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Get your quick fix of weekly tech news in Cult of Mac’s News Roundup

A week full of news has passed and your host Joshua Smith is here to give you a wrap-up on some of the biggest features. Warrants to search cell phones, leaked iPhone cases and the latest Snapchat update are among…Read more ›

Weekly Top iOS Games List Shines Light On A Dark Room

Apple has been releasing its weekly top games charts as of late, and they make interesting reading. The latest list — published Tuesday afternoon — shows the cumulative iOS game downloads for the week running April 7 to April 13.…Read more ›

Fandango Premieres Its First Weekly Show On Mobile, “Weekend Ticket”

What are you gonna see?

What are you gonna see?

The weekends are for movies, right? Personally, I’m going to flock to Oz The Great and Powerful at an IMAX theater this weekend, along with a billion other people, no doubt. Fandango wants to be a part of that weekend rush, and possibly get your $ 2 per ticket convenience fee, with it’s new mobile-only movie preview show, Weekend Ticket, available now on  [Read More…]

Build a Huge High Quality App Library by Taking Advantage of Weekly Free iOS Apps

iOS Apps

Every week Apple picks a high quality iOS app as the “Free App of the Week” choice for everyone to enjoy for free, the catch of course is that it’s only available for a limited time. It’s not just Apple that offers temporarily free downloads though, Starbucks does too with little promo cards, and there’s a whole cottage industry of promotional sites and services that bring attention to apps  [Read More…]

Weekly Rumor Roundup 7/9 – 7/15

This past week has been one filled with Apple rumors flying around left and right. There seems to be a lot of speculation regarding the iPad Mini, the next-generation iPhone (presumably the iPhone 5), and even some rumors regarding an upcoming MacBook Pro refresh. For those of you who might of missed any rumors, you can read below to catch up on a weeks worth of whats being said. iPad Rumors [Read More…]

Mike Elgan on Macbreak Weekly: Jobs Wasnt Evil, He was a Work in Progress

Technology columnist and occasional Cult of Mac (CoM) contributor Mike Elgan was on Macbreak Weekly Tuesday talking about his recent CoM piece, In Defense of Steve Jobs. The story led to an interesting dialogue between he and Leo Laporte, one with a Jobsian twist Id never heard before.   Essentially, Mike says many of the horrendous grievances Jobs affected on others, the ones we hear about like him ripping off Steve Wozniak, were the cause of youth and ignorance. Elgan  [Read More…]

Watch Our Editor Leander Kahney on Macbreak Weekly Talking About His Interview with Steve Jobs Author Walter Isaacson

Leander mbw steve jobs If you missed our editor and resident Steve Jobs expert Leander Kahney on Macbreak Weekly yesterday, you should check out the full episode below. Leander got to sit in with Leo Laporte and the gang to talk about his interview with Steve Jobs biographer Walter Isaacson, the biography itself, and Steve Jobs the man. It was an interesting and entertaining roundtable.   And  [Read More…]