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Two Weeks With Apple’s Powerful & Ultra-portable 13-Inch MacBook Air [Review]

Apple’s new 13-inch MacBook Air might look just like last years model, but don’t let that fool you the insides have been almost completely replaced. Powerful new processors and upgraded internal components make Apple’s powerful and ultra-portable notebook computer even better than last years model. I called it blazing fast last year, but this year I have to say it’s smoking fast. Its performance leaves some MacBook Pros in the  [Read More…]

Apple to Launch ‘iTunes Replay’ With Movie Streaming In Coming Weeks [Report]

Apple is getting set to launch a brand new service that will compliment iCloud called iTunes Replay. The service will allow users to re-download and possibly stream movies they have previously purchased through iTunes, and could go public within the coming weeks. AppAdvice says that they are able to “confirm independently” the information given by their source regarding the new service, which is known as iTunes Replay internally and is expected  [Read More…]

Apple Sells More iPads Every Two Weeks Than Motorola Sells Xooms In a Year [Report]

photo by camero.cc • http://bit.ly/pE2vpD

Apple sold 9.2 million iPads in the last business quarter of 2011, and the company’s CFO even went on record to say that Apple is selling “every iPad we can make.” This has been evidenced by the delayed shipping times for the iPad 2 since its release, with the tablet finally receiving a normal online shipping estimation only a couple weeks ago. To contrast the iPad’s unprecedented success in  [Read More…]

iPad 2 Jailbreak Will Be Released In a Few Weeks

There were some good news about iPad 2 jailbreak, where the well know hacker p0sixninja on chronic dev team tend to release iPad 2 jailbreak within the next couple of weeks.This jailbreak will be similar to last one we have seen where you have to put your iPad in DFU mode to start jailbreaking where blackra1n and spirit were one click jailbreaks.We informed that this jailbreak will be compatible with iOS 4.3 and above.

iOS 4.3.3 Screenshot – Dropping Within Next Two Weeks

According to BGR , iOS 4.3.3 is coming within next two weeks. As you know, iOS 4.3.3 update is coming specially to fix location tracking issue in iOS devices. According to the source, Apple gonna release it with the next two weeks, possibly sooner as what happend in iOS 4.3.1 and 4.3.2. What’s new on iOS 4.3.3 : The update will no longer back up the location database to iTunes. The size of the location database will  [Read More…]

iOS 4.4 / iOS 4.3.3 Coming In Few Weeks

iOS 4.4 / 4.3.3 is about to be released. Apparently Apple decided to put an end for the severe attack against it regarding tracking bug founded in iPhones which record all your moves.Apple announced that an iOS update which may be iOS 4.3.3 or iOS 4.4, will released the next few weeks.Apple Q&A on Location DataCUPERTINO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Apple would like to respond to the questions we have recently received about the gathering and use of location information  [Read More…]

Android 2.3.4 Confirmed Bringing Google Talk Video Calling To Nexus S. OTA Roll-Out In Next Few Weeks

We first heard yesterday about the possibility of Google’s Android 2.3.4 bringing video calling to the Nexus S, thanks to a tweet from a supposed Samsung employee. Now Google has confirmed that this is indeed the case, and the update will arrive in the ‘next few weeks’.

Along with bringing video chat to the Nexus S, the update will be laden with bug fixes for the ageing Nexus One  [Read More…]

New iMacs With Intel Sandy Bridge Processors and Thunderbolt Coming in 4 to 6 Weeks?

One thing about Apple is they like to stick to release cycles, and one of those release cycles tells us that iMac is getting ready for an update. According to CNET’s Brian Tong, it could be sooner rather than later.

iMac 2011

A post over at MacRumors brings news of some tweets by the aforementioned CNET reporter claiming that his sources are telling him that an iMac  [Read More…]

iMac Refresh In the Next 4-6 Weeks with Sandy Bridge and Thunderbolt

Click the image to open in full size.  The rumor mill is once again abuzz with rumors of a new Mac, it appears the next line of Mac products to be refreshed is the iMac. This all spawns from a series of tweets from CNET’s Brian Tong, who claims he has insider information regarding an update to the popular desktop machines. The tweets also add that the refresh will not see any significant design or  [Read More…]

Apple To Release iOS 4.3.1 Within One to Two Weeks To Fix iPad 2 Jailbreak Vulnerability – Report

According to BGR, which has a very good record on iOS releases, Apple is preparing to release iOS 4.3.1 which will contain minor bug fixes and more importantly, will also patch the vulnerability used to jailbreak the newly released iPad 2 on iOS 4.3.

iOS 4.3.1[Read More…]