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MarginNotes Would Be The Ultimate Classroom Notes App, If It Weren’t So Confusing

MarginNotes is an interesting app that may just be a little too confusing to use, or may be the perfect document markup app ever. I still can’t figure out which. The app will open EPUB and PDF files and let…Read more ›    

Apple’s Designers Weren’t In Charge Of iOS 7 Icons, Overall Design Still “A Work In Progress”


“Apple made this?” That’s the first thing I asked myself when iOS 7 was unveiled to the world at WWDC on Monday. It’s so different from anything Apple has ever done design wise that it’s hard to wrap your head around as a longtime fan of the company.

If you’re still in shock at the randomness and general weirdness of iOS 7 like I am, this tidbit of info helps clear  [Read More…]