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App Store doubles max app size to a whopping 4GB

Since the App Store’s debut in 2008, apps have never been able to be larger than 2GB. Today that changes. Apple has notified third-party developers that they can now submit apps that are a max of 4GB in size. The…Read more ›

Xiaomi sold a whopping 61.5 million phones in 2014

Call it a ripoff artist that rides on Apple’s coattails if you want, but Xiaomi continues to go from strength to strength in its position as the world’s third-largest phone manufacturer. Having recently announced a new valuation of $ 46 billion…Read more ›

Apple’s expected to sell a whopping 71.5 million iPhones this Christmas

KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is one of the most reliable analysts out there as relates to upcoming Apple products. Having called various things correctly in the run-up to the iPhone 6’s release (such as Apple’s sapphire manufacturing issues), he’s…Read more ›

The gold Apple Watch Edition could set you back a whopping $4,999

The Apple Watch Sport may start at a mere $ 349, but its price point could well soar from there! According to Daring Fireball‘s John Gruber, Apple’s 18-karat gold Apple Watch Edition could sell for as much as $ 4,999. “Most people…Read more ›

Snapchat seeks funding with whopping $10 billion valuation

Snapchat is currently in talks with investors over a round of funding that could value the company at a mind-blowing $ 10 billion, according to sources for Bloomberg. That’s a little over half the $ 19 billion Facebook paid for WhatsApp, but double the $ 5 billion…Read more ›

Apple Lisa expected to fetch a whopping $42K at auction

Remember that original Apple Lisa computer you’ve got in the basement, boxed next to your old VHS player and Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots toys? It may be time to dust it off and take it an auction house. That’s…Read more ›

Apple Sells A Whopping Half-Billion iPhones In Less Than 7 Years

Selling a half-billion of anything is impressive, especially when you can do it in less than seven years. That’s exactly what Apple has managed to do with the iPhone. Apple had sold 472 million iPhones in total at the end of…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Ulysses III Update Gets A Whopping 117 Changes Following User Feedback


We told you about Ulysses III when it first hit the Mac App Store back in April, and we called it “the best text editor ever” in our review. And it’s even better with its latest update, which brings a whopping 117 changes based on user feedback.

If you need a good text editor for Mac, then we urge you to give Ulysses a try. It’s a little more expensive than  [Read More…]

Apples Founding Document Sells For A Whopping $1.6 Million

The signatures on Apple’s founding contract

Remember when we told you about Apples founding contract that was going up for auction? Well, the three-page document just sold for $ 1.6 million to an unidentified buyer in New York. The contract was originally owned by Apples third co-founderRonald Wayne, but he sold it in 1994 for only a few thousand dollars. Wayne sold his original 10% share in Apple for $  [Read More…]