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Who’s Down, Lumino City, and other awesome apps of the week

How does this happen? Already the weekend is halfway over, but — don’t worry — before Monday hits, we’ve got some great app suggestions for you. Whether you’re looking for a fun socializing app, or a zanily original iOS puzzle game, we’re certain that we’ve got what you’re looking for. Check out our list below. […]

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Apple shows iPhone 6s lens supplier who’s boss

Having Apple on your side can, unsurprisingly, be a massive boon to any manufacturer. But don’t try and play hard ball with Cupertino — as the Taiwan-based Largan Precision could be about to find out. According to a new report, Apple may shift 30 percent of its orders for the lens modules for the iPhone 6s away from current […]

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Fancy new smart lock can see who’s at your door

Electrics giant Westinghouse is getting into the connected-home game, and its first offering is a smart lock that looks like it should be seeing if it can’t lock down a stabilizer in a Star Wars X-Wing. The Nucli (which is pronounced “new-klee” and not “nuck-lee,” regardless of how your brain sees it) will offer a […]

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9 hard lessons from a top iPad publisher who’s calling it quits

When The Magazine ceases publication this December, owner Glenn Fleishman will be closing shop on an ambitious two-year experiment in digital publishing. It’s not a total surprise — subscriptions were already on a downward trend when Fleishman transitioned from editor…Read more ›

Who’s Afraid Of The Big, Bad Wolf? Telltale’s The Wolf Among Us Launches Friday

Warner Bros. / DC Comics-owned Vertigo has published this amazing ongoing series called Fables since 2002. Written by Bill Willingham, the stories all revolve around the idea that all the characters in fairy tales are real, and they’ve been banished to upstate New York until they can reclaim their ancestral homelands. One of the most […]

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Assign Unique Ringtones to Contacts on iPhone to Know Whos Calling

Set a custom ringtone per contact on iPhone

You can make your iPhone life a lot easier by assigning custom ringtones to contacts. This makes it easy to determine who’s calling before you even see the caller ID, letting you either rush to answer the phone or continue snoozing and ignore the call. With how easy it is to make ringtones for the iPhone, it also provides a great way to differentiate  [Read More…]

Cant Figure Out Whos Going To Win Apple vs Samsung? Try Using The Verdict-O-Matic [Comic]

Still having trouble deciding which way the wind will blow at the end of the patent trial currently being waged between Apple and Samsung? Apparently, you’re not alone,

The Joy Of Tech geniuses, Nitrozac and Shaggy, are at it again in this hilariously designed flow chart to help you make the call about who copied who in the Apple vs Samsung case. It’s fairly obvious that the comic creators are  [Read More…]

CallTell: Know Who’s Calling Or Texting Before Your iPhone Rings!

CallTell tells you who’s calling or texting! CallTell is a jailbreak application that tells you who is calling or texting you as soon as they do it. It uses the Siri/Voice Control voice to read off the name of the person contacting you and then if it’s a text message it can read you the text message. The developer behind this genius application isTyler Calderone. CallTell supports the iPhone 4 (GSM and CDMA) as well  [Read More…]