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Jobs’ widow tried to block the release of Steve Jobs movie

Could the story behind the upcoming Steve Jobs movie be even more exciting than the movie itself? Having seen the movie dropped by its original backers, experienced damaging leaks as a result of the Sony hack, and topped off by a recent war of words between Tim Cook and writer Aaron Sorkin, now a new […]

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Good Samaritan returns lost iPhone for military widow

A Marine widow has had her stolen iPhone returned to her after revealing that it contained the text message and photos from her late husband, who was killed in a helicopter crash in Nepal. “This is probably the happiest I’ve been in the last three months,” said Haley Johnson after she recovered the handset. Johnson’s […][Read More…]

Steve Jobs’ widow competes with Steve Ballmer for L.A. Clippers

Steve Jobs and Steve Ballmer were competitors during their time as CEOs of Apple and Microsoft respectively, and now it seems that the Jobs vs. Ballmer competition continues in an altogether different arena. The competition in question concerns a quest…Read more ›

Steve Jobs’s Widow Is The World’s 9th Richest Woman And Quite The Philanthropist

Steve and Laurene Jobs together at the 82nd Academy Awards back in 2010

Steve and Laurene Jobs together at the 82nd Academy Awards back in 2010

When Steve Jobs passed away in 2011, he left behind a wife and four children. His widow, Laurene Powell Jobs, has stayed hidden from the public sphere for years, but now she is starting to receive more recognition as an influential philanthropist.

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Steve Jobs’s Widow Speaks Out: “His Legacy Is Beautiful For Me To Live With.” [Video]


Breaking her silence on her husband and his legacy, Steve Jobs’s widow Laurene Powell Jobs appeared on on Rock Center with Brian Williams on Friday to say that Jobs’s “legacy is beautiful for me to live with.”

Laurene Powell Jobs was on Rock Center to promote her new film and website, The Dream Is Now, a project aimed at helping get the DREAM Act passed.

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Steve Jobs’s Widow in Exclusive Interview on NBC Tonight


Laurene Powell Jobs, from Rock Center with Brian Williams interview. Airs Friday, April 12 at 10 P.M., 9 P.M. CDT


For the first time since Steve Jobs died, his widow, Laurene Powell Jobs, will speak on TV — in this case, in an interview on Rock Center with Brian Williams this evening, in just a few hours.

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Steve Jobs’ Widow Set To Speak Out On Immigration Policy During Rock Center Interview


Steve Jobs’ widow, Laurene Powell Jobs has kept herself busy with a number of different projects since the passing of her late husband. Yet, despite hanging out with the Clintons, one thing Jobs hasn’t done is offer an interview to a major news outlet.

Friday, April 12th on Rock Center with Brian Williams, Laurene Powell Jobs is set to be interviewed, for the first time since Steve’s passing, to advocate for  [Read More…]

Steve Jobs’s Widow Launches Site To Help Immigrant Kids Find A Path To Naturalization


Steve Jobs’s widow, Laurene Powell Jobs.

The debate over illegal immigration isn’t just about adults hopping the border. Oftentimes, children are caught in the middle: kids who were brought to the United States illegally when they were young, and who are now facing being deported as adults, having never known any other country besides America?

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Steve Jobs Widow Joins Forbes Rich List, Is Now The Richest Women In Silicon Valley

Laurene Powell with husband Steve Jobs.

Forbes released their list of the richest people in the world today, and among the newcomers making the list is Laurene Powell Jobs, widow of Apple cofounder Steve Jobs.

Powell inherited Steve Jobs’ massive fortune, which Forbes estimates to be $ 11 billion, making her the wealthiest woman in Silicon Valley, and 28th richest person in the world.

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Steve Jobss Widow Is Joining Stanford Universitys Board Of Trustees

Even though her husband was known for being a visionary in the world of technology, Laurene Powell Jobs, widow of Apple co-founder and CEO, Steve Jobs, has always set out to make a difference in educational policy. Her next big assignment will be to serve a 5-year term on the Stanford University board of trustees.

Both Laurene and Steve Jobs had strong ties to Stanford University before Steve’s passing. Laurene  [Read More…]