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‘Bionic eye’ helps man see wife for the first time in 10 years

Allen Zderad lost a career in science because of a degenerative eye disease. Now, science is allowing him to see his wife for the first time in 10 years. The 68-year-old former chemist from Minnesota recently became the recipient of…Read more ›

Husband & Wife Team Ready To Release Legend of Dungeon On Steam In Two Weeks [PAX 2013]

Legend of DungeonSEATTLE, PAX 2013 – Robot Loves Kitty is a husband and wife game development team who used to live in a treehouse to save money. They started a Kickstarter hoping to raise just enough money to buy a decent laptop and a copy of Unity to develop the game. They ultimately raised 650 percent of […]

The post Husband & Wife Team Ready To Release Legend of Dungeon On  [Read More…]

Will.i.am Recruited Steve Jobs’ Wife To Help Him Get Kids From His Neighborhood Into College [Macworld 2013]


Will.i.am thinks he can predict the future of tech

macworldbug SAN FRANCISCO, MACWORLD/iWORLD 2013 – Will.i.am showed up at Macworld today, and yep, he was wearing his stupidly expensive iPhone camera case that you will never want to own.

During his Futurehunting keynote, Will.i.am sat down with Intel’s futurist, Brian Johnson, to talk about where they think the next big changes in tech are going to  [Read More…]

Bill Gates Says His Wife Is Lying, His Kids “Never Ask” For Apple Products


Earlier this month, Melinda Gates told an interviewer in the U.K. that “of course” her kids asked for iPods for Christmas, but the Gates won’t give their children Apple products because “the wealth from our family came from Microsoft so why would we invest in a competitor?”

This isn’t the first time Melinda Gates has piped up on the subject of giving her children Apple products. Two years ago, Melinda Gates  [Read More…]

Apple’s ‘Find My Friends’ Catches Cheating Wife

Find My Friends is a great way to catch your significant other doing things that they shouldn’t be. iCloud is astounding. It’s given us the power to push our photos to every device that we have to eradicate syncing, it’s given us a PC-free way of life by permitting us to update, restore, and backup without necessitating iTunes and a USB cable, and it even brought us several new apps. One of those new apps  [Read More…]

Wife said No To iPad 2 But Apple Said Yes !

In the post-it note dual of Wife said no and Apple said yes, any guesses as to which yellow sticky turned out on top? Thats right, Apples fantastic customer service strikes again. A man returned an iPad 2 because his wife disapproved of the purchase only to find one arrive at his door shortly after. The full story goes something like this: Man buys iPad 2. Mans wife frowns upon iPad 2. Man  [Read More…]