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Google wants to make Wi-Fi better with OnHub router

Google is getting into the router business. The search giant today announced a new $ 200 device called OnHub, and it’s coming later this month to make setting up and managing our home Wi-Fi networks easier than ever before. OnHub is designed to eliminate common router problems we all have to deal with on a regular basis, […] [Read More…]

iOS 9 beta 5 is out today for developers and some of the most exciting changes yet are in store for those who haven’t downloaded it. The last beta release came a little over two weeks ago and included the return of Home Sharing and lots of tiny design tweaks here and there. This time around, […]

For many of us, when our Wi-Fi connection drops out it’s time to freak out. Whether you work from home or in a sprawling office, common things like fluorescent bulbs, microwaves, even an inconveniently placed wall can disrupt an internet connection… Read more ›

Summit selfless will be a thing with WiFi on Mount Fuji

Just when you thought the “Guess where I’m at?” post on social media was a thing of the past, Japan’s government may install free WiFi on Mount Fuji The government is working with regional officials to set up eight hotspots… Read more ›

The Apple Watch has only just landed in Apple Stores, and already a bevy of Apple Watch 2 rumors are basically rendering it outdated. According to a new report, not only is a second-generation Apple Watch coming next year, but… Read more ›

There are some situations where knowing exactly what wireless networks a Mac has connected to and when that connection was last established can be helpful. We’ll demonstrate how to uncover a comprehensive listing of specifics about previously joined wi-fi networks, which will include the last connection date and time (to the second!), if the network … Read More

Your Apple Watch doesn’t need an iPhone to make it whole. The new wearable is capable of performing a variety of tasks without a tether to your phone. All it needs is a connection to a familiar Wi-Fi network, and… Read more ›

Learn to think like a hacker with the Wi-Fi Hacking & Penetration Testing from Scratch course. For just $ 29 on Cult of Mac Deals, you’ll get access to over 47 lectures and 5 hours of content from industry professionals. Learn… Read more ›

Mac users can quickly disconnect from a wi-fi network by using the wireless menu in OS X. This simple task is incredibly useful for managing and juggling multiple networks, whether for something as simple as using iPhone Wi-Fi Hotspot or even a more advanced task like packet sniffing. It’s important to note disconnecting is not … Read More

Apple has released the final version of OS X 10.10.3 to all Mac users running Yosemite. The public version of OS X 10.10.3 includes the Photos app to replace iPhoto, and contains a handful of bug and performance fixes as well, including improvements to Wi-Fi stability and performance, over 300 newly designed Emoji icons, Spotlight … Read More