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WikiLinks 3 app makes Wikipedia even more of a mind-expanding time suck

If you’ve ever hopped onto Wikipedia just to “look one thing up really quick” and then come to an hour later with a comprehensive knowledge of the various forms of lightsaber combat, WikiLinks 3 might very well be your Kryptonite.…Read more ›

Wikipedia update brings major redesign and offline reading

There are some pretty great Wikipedia apps out there already (my favorite is Das Referenz, an iPad app which turns Wikipedia pages into what looks like 17th century book entries), but Wikipedia has just made a gambit to be best…Read more ›

Kindle app adds Wikipedia integration and notes export

Say whatever you want about the cold reception afforded its Fire Phone, but Amazon’s had a pretty great year when it comes to its core business of selling books: first announcing the creation of its Kindle Unlimited scheme, and now…Read more ›

Get a taste of 17th century Wikipedia with this new iPad app

Remember when your first discovered Wikipedia and spent hours hyperlinking from page to page, reading random entries on everything from the numbering of U.S. highways to John Cage’s “As Slow As Possible?” I had that feeling again over the weekend…Read more ›

Search the Web & Wikipedia from the iOS Home Screen with Spotlight

Search the web with Spotlight in iOS

Want to quickly search the web or Wikipedia from the Home Screen of iOS? Just turn to Spotlight, the built-in search engine. Sure, Spotlight is often used as an application launcher or a way to quickly find old emails, notes, and contacts, but you can also type more generic queries into it the search box to immediately search either the web or Wikipedia. It’s  [Read More…]

How to Access Wikipedia During the SOPA Blackout

Use Wikipedia during SOPA blackout SOPA and PIPA are two terrible internet censorship bills that are dangerously close to passage in the USA, and Wikipedia has blacked out their web site in protest. …but what if you really need to use Wikipedia today? What if you’re a student and your paper was due yesterday and you need to do research? What if you just want to go on a Wikipedia binge?  [Read More…]

Wikipedia Going Dark In a Few Hours, Here Are The Apps You Need to Survive the Blackout

The anti-SOPA forces banner; you might be seeing this quite a bit tomorrow.

If you need information from Wikipedia, you’d best get it very quickly; in just a few hours, at 9 P.M. PST (5:00 UTC for our European readers), a coalition of sites across the web — including Wikipedia’s English site, Boing Boing and Reddit — will go dark for a day, displaying this page instead of their  [Read More…]

Look Up Words In The Mac OS X Dictionary And Wikipedia With Two Taps [OS X Tips]

If you’ve followed my tips you’ll notice that I like gestures and all the new, revised, or previously existing gestures have a whole new life for me after the release of Mac OS X Lion.  Now I use gestures more often on my Mac than ever before. I’ve talked about some of my favorites and today I’ll share another one of those with you. I’ll show you how you can  [Read More…]