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Brian Williams may be waiting for the brew hahah to wear off of his “mis-remember” of which helicopter he was in during the 2003 conflict in Iraq, but the internets will just not let it go. He might have just… Read more ›

Why Jeff Williams is Apple’s unsung hero

Coming off a record-breaking financial quarter — largely thanks to the astonishing success of the iPhone 6 — it’s worth asking who Apple owes its present success to. While everyone is quick to mention the usual suspects (Tim Cook and Jony Ive being two of the most… Read more ›

This week: Robin Williams. We remember the incredible passion, talent, comedy and heartbreak of one of life’s great artists. Then, stay tuned for this week’s best iPhone 6 and iPad rumors; Oculus Rift comes to OS X; the good, bad,… Read more ›

Steve Jobs was known for speaking out loud, dreaming big and acting upon his thoughts. While it’s been just a few short years since his passing, fans have been able to see his characteristics shine through other personalities. The late… Read more ›

The tragic news of Robin Williams’ sudden death has sent most of us on a YouTube binge to watch clips of TV shows, movies, stand-up comedy bits from the funniest man who ever lived, and now Apple is paying its respects… Read more ›

Tim Cook has tweeted his condolences in the wake of the tragic death of actor and stand-up comedian Robin Williams, at age 63. Cook wrote that he is “Heartbroken by the news of Robin Williams’ passing. He was an incomparable talent… Read more ›

Apple today announced the eighth annual iTunes Festival in London with a whole bunch of massive acts already confirmed. Those lucky enough to bag tickets will see the likes of Pharrell Williams, Maroon 5, Kylie, Sam Smith, and Blondie. Other confirmed… Read more ›

Jeff Williams

We’ve covered the Chinese government’s multiple media attacks on Apple extensively here at Cult of Mac. The state-run press has been slamming Apple for everything from iPhone warranty practices to declining interview requests from Chinese journalists.

Apple CEO Tim Cook recently issued a public apology to try and douse the firestorm, and China seemed to warm back up to Apple. Jeff Williams, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Operations, is reportedly in  [Read More…]

NBC Rock Center just aired its exclusive interview with Brian Williams and Apple CEO Tim Cook. In his first real TV interview, Cook was candid about his CEO role at Apple, the failure of iOS 6′s Maps, the future of the Apple TV, and more.

Here’s the full transcript of tonight’s Rock Center segment with Tim Cook:

TRACK 1 Nobody remembers the guy who came after Thomas Edison. And nobody  [Read More…]

Apple CEO Tim Cook has given his first major TV interview to NBC Rock Center’s Brian Williams, and the exclusive segment will be aired Thursday, December 6th.

NBC has a short video preview of what to except:

(Apologies, but the video is encoded in Adobe Flash.)

“Unlike the man he replaced, Steve Jobs, Tim Cook was able to walk all but unrecognized across the central floor of Grand Central Station,” notes Brian  [Read More…]