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Wind turbine promises to blow away your utility bills

You’ve spared no expense in creating a smart home. You bought smart lightbulbs, a smart TV and smart appliances. All that’s missing is a device that makes you look smart when the electric bill comes in the mail. The Agustsson brothers of Iceland may have figured out that part. They are the creators of Trinity, […]

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You’ll Never Guess How The Unusual Vaavud Wind Meter Wirelessly Connects To Your Phone

vaavud-wind-meter  Even without taking into account the unique, astonishing way it wirelessly connects with a smartphone, the Vaavud wind meter is pretty neat little gadget. It will measure wind speeds up to 25 meters/second (the Vaavud is Danish, hence the metric measurements and strange name), can share recorded data with the world through its free […]

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Get Detailed Weather Information with Siri: Temperature, Forecasts, Humidity, Dew Point, Barometer, & Wind Speed

Just about everyone knows that you can get basic weather details, temperature, and forecasts through Siri just by summoning the virtual assistant and then asking one of a few basic questions:

“What is the temperature?” – provides current temperature and hourly forecast “What is the forecast?” – provides a multi-day forecast “What is the weather?” – sunny, rain, hot, cold, clouds, snow, etc

Get Weather and forecast from Siri

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Wind Meter Talks To iPhone Wirelessly With No Electronics [Kickstarter]

I don’t really care about measuring the wind – I prepare for a bike trip using WeatherPro, which tells me how bad the wind will be, not how bad it is right now. But the Vaavud wind meter is notable for another reason: it communicates its wind-speed readings to your iPhone wirelessly, yet uses no electronics whatsoever. How? Read on…

It’s all done, as you might have guessed, using magnets. Frickin’ magnets! How do they work?

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Get Wind of These Hurricane Tracker Apps

NOAA now app.

  As hurricane season enters its most active time, tracking those storms can be a breeze with apps for the iPhone and iPad. Hurricane Irene hammered Puerto Rico and is expected to gather deadly momentum when it reaches Florida in the next 48 to 72 hours. Hurricane season in the Atlantic begins June 1 and ends November 30; the Eastern Pacific hurricane season begins May 15th  [Read More…]