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How to Install & Run Windows 8 in VirtualBox

Installing Windows 8 in VirtualBox We already covered read how to install Windows 8 in VMWare, and now we�re going to show you how to get Windows 8 running inside of VirtualBox. If you�re wondering why, well, VirtualBox is advantageous for several reasons, the two main being that it�s free and it�s available for all major platforms including Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. Download these first: Windows 8 Developer Preview �  [Read More…]

Windows 8 Tablet and iPad Running iOS 5 Side-by-Side Comparison [Video]

www.youtube.com/watch?v=ntSdfGzF60M The above video, by Winrumors, showcases a Windows 8 tablet running alongside an iPad on iOS 5. Microsoft unveiled Windows 8 to developers at its BUILD conference�earlier�this week. Alongside the software, the Redmond giant also announced a series of tablets running Windows 8, one of which is featured next to the iPad in the above video. This video serves as a quick demonstration of several compared scenarios�on the two platforms. More in-depth�walkthroughs�will likely be posted as Windows 8 matures  [Read More…]

Just Like the iPad, Your Windows 8 Tablet Wont Support Flash

For a number of reasons, mainly its long list of stability issues and its unquenchable thirst for any power your system may have, Apple will ensure we never see Adobe Flash on the iPad. And while the company has been�criticized�by competition for this decision in the past, it�s not the only one turning its back on the aging technology: Microsoft has also announced that Flash player will not feature in Internet Explorer  [Read More…]

From 1.0 To Windows 8, How Far Microsoft Has Come [Humor]

Personally, we�re pretty impressed by Windows 8 � at least the Metro parts � but we�ve got to admit, we snickered. We�re not quite sure where this came from, so if you know, let us know so we can give proper credit.

Install Windows 8 From A USB Stick [Guide]

We recently reported that Microsoft has released Windows 8 Developer preview edition and it�s available for every one. People over Technobolt has prepared this guide on how to install Windows 8 From A USB Stick. Windows-8-logo First You Will Need: Windows 8 ISO – Developer Preview [Download] Windows 7 USB/DVD [Download] � This is the official  [Read More…]

Windows Will Finally Get Apples Thunderbolt Technology in 2012

There might be a relative dearth of Thunderbolt peripherals and accessories right now, but just wait until 2012. That�s when Thunderbolt will explode on Windows machines, which should open the floodgates on every sort of Thunderbolt accessory you can think of.   Intel VP Mooly Eden confirmed this morning at the Intel Developer Forum that Thunderbolt�s revolutionary technology will go from being an Apple exclusive to a port on every PC  [Read More…]

Install & Run Windows 8 in a Virtual Machine Using VMWare in Mac OS X

Run Windows 8 in Mac OS X There�s no doubting that the tech world is abuzz about Windows 8, Microsofts upcoming iOS and Mac OS X competitor. If your curiosity is peaked by all the talk, you can easily install Windows 8 and have it running on top of Mac OS X thanks to virtualization. The best part about this particular solution? It�s all free, so read on. Here�s what you�ll need  [Read More…]

Microsoft Windows 8 ‘Legitimately Threatens’ iPad Dominance

The camps are once again at war. This week, following the official Windows 8 preview by Microsoft, Apple fanatics and Microsoft die-hards are squaring off in a heated new debate sparked by the plethora of tech reporters and industry analysts who see the Windows 8 operating system as the first “legitimate threat” to the iPad. After Microsoft’s previewed its coming operating system, Windows 8, on a prototype Samsung tablet at a conference in Anaheim, Calif., Tuesday,  [Read More…]

You Can Download Windows 8 Developer Preview for Free

Windows 8 Windows 8 is Microsofts future operating system that is intended to share aspects of Windows 7 while also competing directly with iPad, iOS, and Android thanks to it�s Metro user interface. We�ve praised some of the Windows 8 features before, and also criticized the freakishly cluttered Ribbon UI, but now you can try it out yourself and come up with your own conclusion of Microsofts future OS, completely for free.  [Read More…]

Check Out The New Blue Screen of Death In Windows 8

Here�s the new Blue Screen of Death in Windows 8, which Microsoft is previewing this week at its Build conference. It�s been transformed into a sad face emoticon. Reminds me of the old Happy Mac but, well, sadder. Bigger version after the jump. Via Arnold Kim�s Twitter stream.   The big version is here.