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Ample charge and storage make iPhone battery case a clear winner [Reviews]

Lust List: Kuner iPhone battery case by KUKE Even Apple admits that its powerful iPhones need a little extra battery boost from time to time. But if you’ve taken a look at the $ 99 devices, you might not be super convinced they’re worth the price, or even all that attractive. The Kuner iPhone battery case […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Winner of the Swivl + our 25k Giveaway!

A little over two weeks ago, we posted our ‘Shoot Like a Pro’ video series, where we gave you iPhone photography tips along with the chance to win a $ 500 Swivl. We had over 140 entries, all of which where…Read more ›

Everyone’s a winner in golden age of iOS gaming

A simple glance at the stunning games perched atop the App Store game lists reveals we are experiencing a golden age for mobile gaming. From the surreal, mind-bending Monument Valley to the Pixar movie brought to life that is Leo’s…Read more ›

And The Winner Is… Best Media Streaming Service App

Twenty years ago, if someone had told us we’d be streaming our favorite shows from the internet legally, we would have scoffed at them and disregarded it, never mind how the speed of broadband internet has changed the way we…Read more ›    [Read More…]

And The Winner Is… Best Internet Radio Streaming Service

Internet Radio has some fierce competition. Since the launch of iTunes Radio in 2013, it became much harder to single out one service in particular that reigns supreme. Does the popular US service Pandora still have what it takes to…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Why Apple’s India Strategy is A Winner

Don’t look now, but here comes India. While everyone obsessed yesterday over Apple finally launching on the world’s largest carrier, China Mobile — and the Chinese market in general — smart companies are starting to focus on the smartphone market…Read more ›    [Read More…]

50 Billionth App Winner “Saved Up Apps” To Win Contest


The winner of Apple’s $ 10,000 App Store gift card has revealed how he saved up apps to download to his iPhone in an a bit to become the 50 billionth downloader. Brandon Ashmore, 21, from Mentor, Ohio, held his downloads until Wednesday night to try to give himself a better chance of winning the contest.

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Best iOS App Of 2012 Winner Is… Google Maps

Google Maps: right here

Our readers have spoken. The best iOS app of 2012 has been selected. And the winner, by a considerable margin, is: Google Maps. Woot!

Google Maps is an excellent replacement for the maps we loved and lost with the introduction of iOS 6, and Apple’s own woefully underprepared mapping data.

It took just a few hours for Google Maps to leap to the top of the  [Read More…]

Cast Your Vote: Pick The Final Winner For Best iOS App Of 2012 [Poll]

Ladies and gentlemen, your finalists

With your help, we’ve narrowed down the list of best iOS apps of 2012 to a handful of favorites: Clear, Temple Run, Angry Birds Star Wars, Google Maps, Letterpress, and Paper.

Big thanks to everyone who voted so far. Now’s your chance to pick a winner from the shortlisted finalists.

These are the apps that scored best in our previous round of voting, and  [Read More…]

Consumer Reports Says The iPhone 5 Is A ‘Winner’ And Apple Maps Aren’t That Bad

The advocacy group Consumer Reports wasn’t too friendly toward the iPhone 4, even after Apple offered free bumpers. They didn’t even like the iPhone 4S either. But with the iPhone 5 they’re changing their tune and saying that the iPhone is “among the best smartphones in our Ratings and the best iPhone yet.”

After conducting a series of tests on the iPhone 5, Consumer Reports concluded that the iPhone 5 doesn’t  [Read More…]