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4 Stunning Wallpapers Hidden in Plain View on the Apple & Wired Websites

There’s something about good wallpaper that makes using a Mac, iPhone, iPad, ok, even a Windows PC or Android device, just even better. We’re bringing you four gorgeous high resolution wallpapers that are basically hidden in plain sight from two sources, a recent Wired article about Apple Watch, and Apple.com product pages. All it took … Read More

IOGear Dock: Share Any Old Wired Keyboard With All Your iDevices Via Bluetooth

Do you wish you could get in on this whole one-keyboard-switching-between-multiple-devices game, only you’re wedded to some crazy old clackety keyboard that only connects via cable? Then I have good news! IOGear has a new widget that’ll hook everything up.

It’s called the Bluetooth Desktop Dock, the kind of straight-talking name an old-fashioned type like you will appreciate. You plug your USB keyboard and mouse into the appropriate holes, and then plug  [Read More…]

Earbuds Use Tubes Instead Of Wired To Deliver Sound To Your Brain [MWC 2013]


RadBlocker might sound like some lame anti-skateboarding device from the 1980s, but it is in fact an Israeli company dedicated to keeping your brains unscrambled. And nestled amongst its RF-denying belt holsters (for Dad!) and laptop trays is this amazing pair of headphones: Echo Tubez.

Echo Tubez, which could itself be a 1980s skateboarding term, are unusual in that they have  [Read More…]

Wired For Sound With C.VOX Audio Jacket [Review]

That’s me, that is. No really.

This is the C.VOX, a coat with a built-in sound system so you can listen to stuff anywhere you go, while you’re going there. It’s kind of cool and kind of weird. I’ve been wearing it for the last wintry week or so here in the UK, and here’s what it’s like to own one.

At first glance it’s just another coat, but hidden behind the  [Read More…]

Harman / Kardons Bluetooth Over-The-Ear Headphones Are Beautiful, But Better Wired Than Wireless [Review]

Most Bluetooth headphones are ugly. Most Bluetooth headphones are junk. Most Bluetooth headphones make you long for a cord. They are distorted, bass heavy, low-quality piece of junk.

For the most part, not so Harman / Kardon’s over-the-ear Bluetooth headphones. These are Bluetooth headphones worthy in both sound quality and design of the iconic company that not only helped create Hi-Fi, but is, in many non-trivial ways, the Apple of sound.

The  [Read More…]

Satechis Bluetooth Headphones Are As Light As Wired Ones

Look ma… No wires!



Bluetooth speakers? Count me in. I love the things: portable, great-sounding, remote control right there on the speaker, and wireless. But Bluetooth headphones? Aren’t they bulky, and with crappy battery life? Not, apparently, the new Satchi BT Lite headphones, which – as the name suggests – are pretty “lite.”

The “Lite” applies to the weight – 2.6 ounces – and also to the battery life. The product  [Read More…]

Wired Launches App Guide Magazine With 400 App Store Reviews

WIRED magazine has collaborated with Gizmodo to release the �Wired App Guide� iPad application in the App Store. The app provides 400 detailed reviews of �essential tools for every type of smartphone user.� With categorized app reviews and an index of the hottest apps in the App Store, WIRED�s new App Guide is a must-download for any Apple enthusiast. �From Angry Birds to Zite, mobile apps are redefining how we experience  [Read More…]

Wired Correspondent Suffers Through the Downside of Cloud-Delivered OS X Lion

Today is a huge day for Mac users. For the first time ever, Apple is offering a major Macintosh operating system upgrade exclusively over the Internet. The company has also discontinued much of the boxed software it offers in a clear signal that it hopes and expects to see the vast majority of applications for the Mac delivered through the App Store from this day forward. Just as it did with  [Read More…]