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Apple denies Chipgate means iPhone 6s battery woes

The Chipgate controversy upsetting iPhone 6s owners over the past 48 hours is completely overblown, Apple said this afternoon, claiming battery life on iPhone 6s units varies only slightly. iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus owners have discovered that devices with a TSMC A9 chip get considerably better battery performance than ones sporting an A9 […]

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Apple’s iOS 9 update woes break the Internet’s heart

If you’re having trouble downloading iOS 9, you’re not alone. Apple released the latest version of its mobile operating system today, but a lot of users are getting download errors when they try to snag the new firmware. With nowhere left to turn, they have taken to Twitter to vent their frustrations. Here are some […]

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Apple copycats put off by its sapphire woes

The start of any innovative business should be identifying a service that the current market leader in the sector is not supplying. With Apple’s failure to provide sapphire displays for its latest iPhones — thanks to the spectacular collapse of now-bankrupt supplier GT…Read more ›

Secret machine could solve Apple’s sapphire glass woes

Apple has been struggling to produce enough sapphire displays in time for the iPhone 6, but after going straight to the source of the freakishly indestructible glass – GT Advanced Technologies – MIT has learned of the company’s plans to use…Read more ›

Dropbox Announces Mailbox For Mac To Fix Your Inbox Woes

At an event today in San Francisco, Dropbox made several announcements about Mailbox, the popular email app for iOS that it bought a little over a year ago. Things have been busy around Dropbox since then, because Mailbox is coming…Read more ›

Apple Releases Mail Fix For Gmail Woes In OS X Mavericks

Has using Gmail in Apple’s default Mail app on OS X Mavericks been nearly unbearable? If you’re like me, your inbox rarely fetches new mail or completely skips downloading certain messages at random. Deleting emails from my Gmail account in…Read more ›

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Hopefully The New Cycling-Friendly Jabra Sport Wireless+ Bluetooth Earbuds Fix Its Predecessor’s Woes

jabra-sport-wireless-plusJabra made a big show of introducing their Sport Bluetooth music/phone earbuds at CES this year, even bringing in triathlete celeb and Ironman champ Craig Alexander to flaunt the buds while he sweated away the miles on a stationary bike. Unfortunately, the Sport has been plagued by reports of abysmal Bluetooth connectivity (possibly due to […]

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Apple Retail Woes Persist, Continued Focus On Revenue Over Customer Experience [Report]

John Browett joined Apple back in April as the successor to Ron Johnson.

Apple’s retail division has come under fire recently regarding staffing cutbacks and layoffs. Earlier this month, Apple’s newly-appointed head of retail,John Browett, admitted that he “messed up” with the new staffing formula, and that things would go back to normal for retail employees.

According to a new report, Apple’s retail stores are still suffering from new policies that have  [Read More…]

What Do Wintek’s Woes Tell Us About Apple’s Next-Gen iPhone?

On Tuesday, shares of AAPL popped back above $600 for the first time in more than two months. Topeka Capital Markets Brian White took this opportunity to reiterate his Buy rating on the stock with a $1,111 price target for the stock. All this comes after some clarity with regard to the reason for Wintek’s sudden sales drop. Taiwans Wintek is one of Apples manufacturing partners. Earlier today, the company reported a shocking 34% sales  [Read More…]

The Day Steve Jobs Called AT&T with iPhone Woes

Photo: Lacy Atkins / The Chronicle

David Kelley and Steve Jobs have a lot in common. Kelley, the designer of Apples original mouse, was diagnosed with throat cancer back in 2007. In addition to working with Apple on the mouse project, Jobs introduced Kelley to his wife. When Kelley was in the hospital, Jobs came to visit his old friend. And just like any well-wisher, he didnt come empty handed.  [Read More…]