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Watch Steve Jobs’ right-hand woman talk early days of Apple

Kate Winslet has been earning rave reviews for her performance as Joanna Hoffman in the new Steve Jobs movie. Hoffman was one of the original members of the Macintosh (employee #5 to be exact), and was notorious at Apple as one of the few employees who boss Steve Jobs around. In a recent interview, Hoffman […]

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Bay Area woman accidentally junks $200k Apple-1 computer

Have you ever thrown away something you regretted later on? If so, you have something in common with the Bay Area woman who recently junked a vintage Apple-1 computer — one of around just 200 surviving machines created by Steve Jobs and the Woz way…Read more ›

Move over, Marissa! Angela Ahrendts is highest-paid woman in U.S.

Stealing Angela Ahrendts away from Burberry didn’t come cheap for Apple. The new VP of retail operations quickly became one of the top paid execs at Apple in 2014, and according to a new report, the former Burberry CEO has…Read more ›

A whole new world: Woman allowed to serve divorce papers via Facebook

Ellanora Baidoo, 26, can finally change her Facebook status to “single” after a landmark decision in a Manhattan courtroom Monday that allows her to serve her evasive husband via private message on Facebook. This is the first time anyone has…Read more ›

Factory worker-turned-Apple supplier is named China’s richest woman

Here’s a pretty incredible story: the CEO of Apple touch-screen glass supplier Lens Technology has been named China’s richest woman, after demand for her company’s output saw shares climb 10 percent in a single day. What’s impressive isn’t just that an…Read more ›

Robot vacuum tries to suck up sleeping woman

Robot vacuums might be having a moment. Should sales suddenly spike, it may be because of the unintentional endorsement from a South Korean woman, who made news when her hair got sucked up by her robot vacuum. The woman had…Read more ›

Avatar Secrets shows how one woman found wisdom in a video game

Can you truly find yourself in a video game? Canadian filmmaker and professor Ramona Pringle thinks so. After her mother got sick and she broke up with her New York boyfriend, she spent a year playing World of Warcraft, a…Read more ›

At last, Wonder Woman lassos another female writer

For a comic book character that’s been around since 1941, it’s surprising how few women (five) have written DC Comic’s biggest female protagonist. The character is as least as popular and visible as DC’s other superstars, Batman and Superman, but…Read more ›

Watch This Woman Lose Her Friggin Mind In The Apple Store [Video]

This woman was told something about her Apple Care AND SHE WAS JUST TOLD IT OK!!! (Also, this kind of thing is what Vine was made for.)

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Apple Investigating Why A Woman Was Electrocuted To Death On Her iPhone 5

Apple_-_125111342_400434cApple is helping look into how the iPhone 5 played a role in the death of Ma Ailun, a 23-year-old woman from the Xinjiang region in western China. Ma, a flight attendant for China Southern Airlines, was electrocuted to death after taking a call on her iPhone while it was charging. The bizarre, tragic incident was reported by Xinhua News today. […]

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