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Got wood? You will after checking out this Macintosh replica

Love Hultén has created a beautiful replica of the original 128k Macintosh made almost entirely out of American walnut. Known for his craftsmanship in building replicas and concepts of gaming consoles among other gadgets, Hultén has taken that love and applied it to one of Apple’s most beloved products to date. He calls it the Golden Apple. What’s […]

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Charge your Apple Watch in style with this wood stand that’s only $20 [Deals]

You waited for the Apple Watch for what felt like forever…so casually tossing it on your nightstand at the end of the day? Not an option. Keep yours charging safely and stylishly with this wood charging stand, now $ 19.99 at…Read more ›

Glowing results are possible when building with flawed wood

Jewelry maker Mat Brown is getting married, and the romantic in him is hard at work creating wedding rings out of an alloy of silver and gold called electrum. But on the practical side of sharing a life, Brown recently…Read more ›

Grovemade’s wood desk collection turns your Mac desktop into a designer paradise

Grovemade already makes some of our favorite wooden accessories for the iPad and iPhone, but now the San Francisco based woodworkers are entering the realm of the desktop with the Grovemade Desk collection, a gorgeous array of accessories for the…Read more ›

Wood works magic in Grain Audio’s amazing walnut speakers

Designer Chris Weir is dismissive of products that take a Swiss Army knife approach to features. He thinks a speaker should be a speaker — and nothing else. “It’s a speaker, not a speakerphone,” he says. He’s talking about his…Read more ›

Orée’s Wireless Charging Case Is Made From Wood and Leather

What is it with wooden gadgets? Cases I can understand – cases have been fashioned from wood since cases were invented, but it seems like a poor material choice for most high-tech purposes. Then again, it looks gorgeous, just like this wireless charging sleeve from Orée. The sleeve comes in walnut or maple and has […]

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Will Apple Ever Make An iPhone Cased In Wood?


Ever since Jony Ive took over Apple’s industrial design, it has been important to Cupertino to make their products out of material with authenticity and substance, not just cheap plastic. In the pursuit of these goals, Apple has managed to revolutionize the mass-production of not one, but two different materials that had previously gone virtually unused in gadgets, at least externally: glass and aluminum. And Apple’s made big plays to experiment  [Read More…]

Replace Your MacBook’s Keys With These All Wood Danish Mid-Century Chiclets


I’m a sucker for wood paneling my Apple products, and so I’m absolutely going to have to do this: the guys over at RAWBKNY (whom we’ve written about before) are now selling laser-etched replacement keys for the MacBook Pro.

They look great, and Michael over at RAWBKNY say that while they are only designed for the non-Retina MacBook Pro right now, he’s tweaking it so it should work on Retina MacBook  [Read More…]

Ending Soon: ETZ Wood Headphones With Microphone [Deals]


If you’re a true music aficionado your time has come to upgrade to one of the best-designed sets of headphones on the market. This Cult of Mac Deals offer features a headset that is designed specifically for anyone looking to enhance their audio experience.

If you’ve considered buying high-end headphones such as Beats by Dre, these ETZ Headphones from 3EIGHTY5 AUDIO have arguably better sound quality with more luxury  [Read More…]

Mobile World Congress Day Two: Robots, ‘Mann Wood’ And Meggings [Gallery]

Mwc day 2 12

This little feller balances using gyroscopes five times more accurate than those in your phone.

Mwc day 2 05

This head looks, like, totally stoned.

Mwc day 2 01

Connect wisely to transform for easier work.

Mwc day 2 10

Meggings! Oh, Vodafone…

Mwc day 2 03

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