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Here’s a unique-looking case for your iPhone that promises to do more than just protect your handset from nicks and scratches. The Hibiki case for iPhone 6 says that it will also make your audio sound better. “Since iPhones receive… Read more ›

We’re just weeks away from the Apple Watch’s launch, but maybe you’re not as excited about it as some of us are. It’s understandable; not everyone needs a $ 550 watch that offers many of the same capabilities your phone already… Read more ›

In the past, we’ve seen at least one madman use his iPad as a cutting board. While the guy was clearly senile, it does raise an interesting point: the design of many Apple products, from the iPad to the Mac,… Read more ›

Everyone at Cult of Mac knows I’m a sucker for wood-paneling all of my gadgets. I wood-paneled my iPhone 4s, my iPhone 5, my iPad, my iPad mini, and even my MacBook Air. I have to say, though, that as… Read more ›     

I’ll admit it. The main reason I’m posting about the beautiful Project Bloom iPhone case is the hedgehog. Specifically Woody, the African Pygmy hedgehog that you see in the photo above. But that’s not to say that the case isn’t… Read more ›     

If you’re anything like me, as much as you love your Apple TV, the fact that it is so small actually causes some problems in your entertainment center, as it can actually be nudged around and fall behind things. That’s… Read more ›     

In this increasingly noisy, digital age – simple is the new style. That’s what Native Union had in mind with the POP Desk – a handset and custom-designed stand to hold your smartphone. The large, classic style of the handset… Read more ›     

  All of Thinksound’s earphones encompass three basic principles: They’re made of wood; they’re given the sort of pro-green marketing and manufacturing attention that would satisfy even the most spirited hippy; and they offer big, warm sound for a relatively…

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Slat-Tastic: The New Miniot Wooden iPad Mini Cover

As long as Miniot keeps making its lovely wooden iPad cases, we’ll keep writing about them. The latest is this rather fetching little number for the iPad, arriving just in time to cover the front of your hot new Retina…

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e56ca93a69cedb40e205c05658c68cb7As you guys probably know, I’m a sucker for wood on my iGadgets. My MacBook keyboard is covered in wood. My iPhone has wood paneling. Even my iPad is swatched from power button to Lightning port in a wooden smart cover and case. Given the borderline hysteria I feel for love, it should come as […]

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