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It’s enough for some people just to plunk one value into a box and watch the conversion come out the other end, but we’re savvy here, right? The newly released free version of Aperture Mobile’s Converta app thinks you are,… Read more ›     

Has this happened to you? New email messages may only appear to arrive in your Mail app when you first launch the app. No new mail seems to arrive until you actually quit and then relaunch Mail. If this is… Read more ›     

Rumors surrounding iOS 8 and the iWatch are starting to heat up, including details of a new “Healthbook” app. Apple is particularly focused on fitness for its smartwatch, according to a pair of reports from yesterday. 9to5Mac believes “Apple currently… Read more ›     

When your working relationship begins with the company you’re working with making an official complaint about your “unprecedented” bill, you know things are off to a rocky start. Cult of Mac reported back in late November about Apple’s dealings with… Read more ›     

Its title may sound like a Star Wars-based mockbuster by The Asylum (the studio that brought us Sharknado and Atlantic Rim), but Stellar Wars, a new iOS title out now from developer Liv Games, is actually the followup to 2011′s… Read more ›     

Foxconn, the Taiwanese company that assembles almost all of Apple’s most popular devices, has admitted that it has forced student interns to work illegal shift patterns. Thousands of students from the Xi’an Institute of Technology were made to work overtime and night shifts at the plant in violation of company policies. And if they refused to […]

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Waking up, looking at your clock, and seeing that you’re late for work or class is one of the worst feelings in the world. In that heart-stopping instant, you feel your control over your life drop into your stomach, and all you can think about is how annoyed or mad or disappointed the people waiting […]

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Magnefix Shows Apple How Smart Cover Should Work

1379938777.jpg  The Magnefix book case for the iPad mini solves two problems: first, it protects the edges and corners of the little iPad like the Smart Cover never can, and second, it converts into a stand that doesn’t suck – the opposite of the iPad Mini’s own Smart Cover. And, as all future-looking gadgets do, […]

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iOS-7-Could-Save-Your-LifeIt’s not just you: iOS 7 has seemingly killed off support for unlicensed, third-party Lightning cables. We’re seeing numerous reports from users that iOS 7 has blocked support for knock-off Lightning chargers. When you plug them in, iOS 7 will warn you that the cable is unlicensed and may not function properly, and will then […]

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A new European patent reveals how a fingerprint Home Button in the iPhone will likely work.A newly discovered Apple patent reveals how the iPhone’s redesigned Home button will work as a fingerprint scanner. Putting a fingerprint scanner into the Home button presents Apple with a problem. The Home button is used as the primary navigation device. Pressing the Home button quits apps and returns the user to the Home screen. […]

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