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Don’t worry, 3D Touch will still work with screen covers

Apple’s new 3D Touch technology will work even if you cover your display with a protective screen, says Apple’s senior VP of marketing, Phil Schiller. Because the new iPhone 6s can sense the amount of pressure exerted on its display, some Apple fans have worried that the new Peek and Pop technology won’t work with […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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A baseball coach changed the game with a little police work to solve fastball mystery

Michigan State University baseball coach Danny Litwhiler was reading the campus newspaper one day in 1974 when he decided to call the cops on some of his pitchers. An article and photo of campus police showing off the department’s new radar gun to catch speeders caught Litwhiler’s eye and he wanted police to swing by […]

Tim Cook to talk future of work at BoxWorks

It usually takes a big tech conference like All Things D/Code Conf. to pull Tim Cook away from the mothership for a public interview, but this year Apple’s CEO will make his first ever appearance at BoxWorks’ cloud storage-focused conference. Tim Cook will join Box CEO Aaron Levie on stage at BoxWorks On September 29th […]

Apple Diversity report shows progress, but more work to be done

Apple updated its Inclusion and Diversity page today with the company’s newest numbers for 2015 on the percentage of employees it’s hired based on ethnicity and gender. While Apple’s long been criticized as a hiring mostly white males, the company made some big improvements in the last year, by hiring the largest ever group of […]

Microsoft Send is like WhatsApp for work emails

The Microsoft Garage has churned out a new iOS productivity app aimed at streamlining the email experience so users can get in, get in contact, and get on with their work lives as quickly as possible. The new iOS-only app,… Read more ›

The simple patent drawing was once a work of art

The illustration that accompanies a patent application is a first glimpse inside the head of the inventor. Finally, an idea becomes a possibility, and even if an invention later proves to be impractical or an outright failure, the drawing serves… Read more ›

Apple wants to make iPhone work better with hearing aids

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office granted Apple 52 patents today, including a notable patent for a new hearing aid technology that would make the iPhone an even better device for the hearing impaired. This new hearing aid technology described in… Read more ›

For developers, WWDC means more work but not necessarily more profit

The Worldwide Developers Conference brings new opportunities and new threats for indie developers. If you’re lucky, Apple introduces an API that could enhance your app. If you’re unlucky, Apple launches a new feature that renders your app obsolete. One thing is certain: Whatever… Read more ›

Make Apple Watch calendar work for your wrist

The default calendar view on Apple Watch is a list of the upcoming events for the current day. If you tap on the Today link in the upper left of the screen, you can see the whole month at a… Read more ›

How third-party bands are allowed to work with Apple Watch

One of the biggest questions still surrounding the Apple Watch has been what kind of accessories will be allowed to work with the device. Several third-party companies have already started advertising their own bands and cases, but Apple has yet… Read more ›