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Another Apple partner accused of unsafe worker conditions

One of Apple’s supply chain iPhone manufacturers is under fire for unsafe and illegal labor practices — and for once it’s not Foxconn. This time the company is Pegatron, which worker rights group China Labor Watch says has not cleaned up its act, despite Apple claiming that it would investigate it back in 2013 after 86 labour rights violations […]

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Terminated worker fires back at company’s 24/7 monitoring

A woman claims her employer wrongfully fired and retaliated against her for deleting a location-tracking app from her company-issued iPhone, and she’s taking her case to court. Myrna Arias, formerly of money-transfer company Intermex, took issue with how the bosses…Read more ›

Cops nab Foxconn worker suspected of leaking iPhone 6 parts

The iPhone 6 won’t be available for a few more days in the United States, but in mainland China, getting your fingers on Apple’s biggest screen ever is shockingly easy, and police are starting to help Foxconn crackdown on leaks.…Read more ›

Apple Focuses On Worker Conditions & Environment In New Supplier Report

Apple has released its eighth annual Supplier Responsibility Progress Report. The forty-page document focuses on Apple’s progress in providing the 1 million+ people working in its supply chain with “safe and ethical working conditions,” as well as the company’s efforts…Read more ›    [Read More…]

15-Year-Old Worker Dies At iPhone 5c Factory

One of Apple’s product manufacturers is in the news again for workers’ rights violations — and this time it’s not Foxconn. Instead the company being investigated is Taiwanese manufacturing firm Pegatron, which earlier this year undercut Foxconn to “steal” a…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Apple Sending Team To China Factory To Investigate Recent Worker Abuse Claims

06subiPhone-articleLargeThis morning a report from China Labor Watch accused a factory in Apple’s supply chain for a number of worker abuse violations. Instead of Foxconn or Pegatron, the factory in question was Jabil, a smaller Apple supplier in the Wuxi province. The undercover investigation found that Jabil was enforcing mandatory overtime beyond the legal limit, poor training, […]

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Which Job Is Worse? Foxconn iPhone Factory Worker Or Human Urinal? [Infographic]


Although Apple has been taking unprecedented measures in the industry to remedy the problem, the truth is that working on an assembly line mass-producing iPhones just sucks. But how bad a job is building iPhones in the grand scheme of things?

The Worst Jobs in the World Matrix, from Lapham’s Quarterly, tries to put the craptitude of working at Foxconn in a broader historical perspective. As you can see, slaving away  [Read More…]

Foxconn Raises Chinese Worker Wages by as much as 25%

After facing criticism for its alliance with its manufacturing partner Foxconn, Apple recently announced that factory workers will be seeing a 16% – 25% increase in wages. According to Reuters, the pay of a junior-level worker at the Shenzhen plant in China grew from 1,800 yuan per month, and it could continue to go beyond 2,200 yuan if the workers pass a technical examination. When comparing this to what the pay was three years ago  [Read More…]

Fair Labor Association President Says Foxconn Factory Worker Conditions Are Much Better Than Actual Sweatshops

As most recently referenced in Tim Cooks comments on worker safety at Goldman Sachs yesterday, Apple is spending a lot of effort in 2012 trying to solve allegations of abuse in their supply chain. This initiative has most recently culminated in Apple going to the unprecedented step of asking the Fair Labor Association to audit their factories. The FLAs report isnt due until March, but already, the Fair Labor Associations  [Read More…]

Tim Cook: Apple Does More Than Anyone To Provide Fair Worker Conditions, But We Can Do More

Speaking at todays Goldman Sachs keynote, Apple CEO Tim Cook began by bluntly addressing charges of worker abuse in Apples supply chain: Apple will not rest until every worker is guaranteed a fair, safe working environment without discrimination and at a competitive salary. Any suppliers who dont take care of their workers will be fired.   First thing everyone should know is that Apple takes working conditions very seriously, and  [Read More…]