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See how Notification Center looks and works in OS X Yosemite

Yosemite is one of the biggest updates to OS X we’ve seen in recent years, bringing fresh looks and a slew of new features. This video takes a look at how Notification Center looks and works in OS X Yosemite,…Read more ›

How the iPhone Activation Lock hack works

The recently revealed exploit that allows anyone to bypass the iPhone’s Activation Lock system is a rather simple process that requires adding just a single line of code to a computer running iTunes. The exploit, which is called DoulCi (roughly…Read more ›

Wood works magic in Grain Audio’s amazing walnut speakers

Designer Chris Weir is dismissive of products that take a Swiss Army knife approach to features. He thinks a speaker should be a speaker — and nothing else. “It’s a speaker, not a speakerphone,” he says. He’s talking about his…Read more ›

Funny or Die reveals how Apple’s crazy acquisition strategy works

At a price of $ 3.2 billion, Beats Audio is the most Apple has ever paid to acquire a company in its 38 year history, but even after writing that fat check Apple will have nearly $ 148 billion in cash burning a…Read more ›

Snappgrip now works with third-party apps to add manual buttons to iPhone camera

Snappgrip is an add-on camera grip for your iPhone, bringing the extra manual knobs, dials and buttons you miss from your regular camera. It’s been around for a while. But that’s not the news. The new is that a couple…Read more ›

This Halo portable charger looks good, works even better

One of the most important bits of equipment I need to lug around with me is a portable battery pack. I’ve used the Mophie iPhone cases quite a bit and like them a lot. Sometimes, however, carrying that much bulk…Read more ›

New Monument Valley Levels Are In The Works

If there are two things you’re likely to hear from Monument Valley players it’s this: “Wow, what an incredibly original game” and “That didn’t take long to complete.” Both statements are totally factual. Ustwo’s puzzle game masterpiece is one of…Read more ›

Apple Says More Racially Diverse Emoji Are In The Works

When it comes to emoji, Apple supports everything from a smiling pile of feces to intricately detailed sunset landscapes. But if you’re looking for racial diversity there’s not a black person to be found and we’re not sure if the…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Titanfall Creators Say Mac Version Might Be In The Works

  Titanfall has been the biggest and best reviewed game to hit the Xbox One in 2014. So many people have been gushing about the gameplay all over Twitter, I nearly rushed out to buy an Xbox One to try…Read more ›    [Read More…]

CloudyTabs Sits In Your Menubar, Works With Any Browser

Use Google’s Chrome on your Mac but Safari on your iPad? Do you wish you could use iCloud tabs to open that browser tab that’s open on your iPhone? You need CloudyTabs, a Mac app that puts iCloud Tabs in…Read more ›    [Read More…]