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Mischief Drawing App For Mac Feels Like Pixels, Works Like Vectors

Oh man, does Mischief ever look amazing. It’s a Mac (or Windows) drawing app which feels like it uses pixels, but stores your strokes as vectors. This means that you can daub away with your favorite pressure-sensitive stylus, but enjoy the infinite zooming and tiny file sizes of vectors. Adobe Ideas does something similar on iOS, but this is a whole lot bigger.

Whilst clearly an early test version (there are no keyboard shortcuts for tools, and no  [Read More…]

Adobe’s ‘Mighty’ Bluetooth Stylus Works With iPad Apps And Stores Settings In The Cloud

project mighty

Adobe made a slew of announcements at its MAX conference today, most notably the plans to make its Creative Suite (now Creative Cloud) entirely subscription based. Alongside all of the restructuring and price changes, Adobe also unveiled a new Bluetooth stylus designed to work with its iPad apps.

It’s sill in the development stage, but “Project Mighty” looks pretty cool for designers. The pressure-sensitive pen tightly integrates with Adobe software, and  [Read More…]

Ecoute For iPhone Now Displays Missing Artwork, Works With Launch Center Pro


Ecoute is one of the best third-party music players for iPhone, and it just got a whole lot better thanks to its latest update. In addition to the ability to download missing artwork, it also has a new feature, and supports a new URL scheme that allows it to play nicely with Launch Center Pro.

If you’ve added music to your iTunes library from burned CDs or alternative sources, some of  [Read More…]

Georgia Woman Found iPad Impaled In Front Bumper And It Still Works



Be careful where you leave your iPad. It might end up impaling some poor lady’s bumper.

That’s what happened to one unlucky iPad owner who forget they placed their iPad on top of their car. After getting onto the road, the iPad eventually fell off the roof of the car, slammed into a Georgia woman’s front bumper, and then stayed there for the rest of day.

The woman driving  [Read More…]

How Google Glass Works



Google Glass looks like the coolest piece of technology since the invention of the iPhone. Even though a ton of businesses will probably ban it, we can’t wait to try Sergey Brin’s new eyewear out.

Google Glass seems like it came right out of Star Trek, but the way this technical masterpiece works is actually pretty simple. Martin Missfeldt created the following infographic that lays out all the details on how  [Read More…]

Excito Is Like An Apple TV For Streaming, And It Even Works With Android [MWC 2013]

mwc2013bug-coaBARCELONA, MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS – Excito is an AppleTV-a-like puck which hooks up to your home network and lets you stream TV, music and movies to any stereo or screen in the house.

So what, right? The Apple TV already does that? The difference is that the Excito only uses your phone as a remote, and streams the content either direct from the internet, or  [Read More…]

As Apple Works On iRadio, Google Is Doing Its Own Music Streaming Service Too

Spotify Google Music iTunes

The popular method for listening to music online has shifted from $ 0.99 paid downloads to subscription services like Spotify and Rdio. Bigger tech companies like Samsung have tried to claim their piece of the music subscription pie, and Apple is rumored to be entering the space with some sort of ‘iRadio’ product.

That’s why it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Google is working on  [Read More…]

Everyone Who Works At LinkedIn Just Got A Free iPad Mini

Would you rather be given a Microsoft Surface from Oprah or an iPad mini from LinkedIn?

Would you rather be given a Microsoft Surface from Oprah or an iPad mini from LinkedIn?

It’s a good day to be an employee at LinkedIn. The professional networking site just reported a great quarter with earnings that crushed Wall Street’s expectations.

Revenue growth is good, but so is free stuff. To reward his hard working people,  [Read More…]

Sensus Multi-Touch iPhone Case Works Great, But Will Probably Still Fail [CES 2013]

CES 2013 bug LAS VEGAS, CES 2013 –

The Canopy Sensus case puts a multi-touch surface on the back and the right edge of the iPhone. It recognizes all of your fingers at once, and in my brief time trying it out, it works great. But who the hell is going to buy it?

When Apple added gyroscope and compass to the iPhone, a slew of  [Read More…]

Your Next MacBook Could Be Even Thinner As Intel Works To Cut Processor Power Consumption

Apple’s future notebooks could be even thinner as Intel works to “significantly” reduce the power consumption of its future Ivy Bridge processors. The company’s existing chips — like those installed in today’s MacBook Air — are rated at 17 watts, but sources say the new version will be well below this.

That means the chip won’t require as much battery power to keep it ticking over. In turn, batteries can become  [Read More…]