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Apple Watch is changing the face (pun intended) of user interaction and design. But developing its next generation of apps also requires having a foot in the still-vibrant world of iOS. Lucky for you budding Watch whizzes, we’ve found a bundle of 5 courses that bridge the worlds of wearable and mobile development, by teaching […]

We’ve all been through those wretched travel-charging woes. When traveling abroad, you: A: Pay overweight baggage fees thanks to your collection of travel adapters, chargers, and cords. B: Spend the first hour of your trip on the floor by an… Read more ›

If you think a new iPhone costs a pretty penny where you live, spare a moment of thought for the poor folks of Venezuela — a.k.a. the most expensive iPhone market in the world. Due to a combination of limited… Read more ›

This post is brought to you by IdeaSolutions, creator of Memories Photo Scanner. Do you have a bunch of old photographs — you know, photos printed on paper — stored away in photo albums or yellowing in cupboards? Pictures you wish… Read more ›

I’m addicted to my iPhone. Aren’t we all? The addiction is so deep and universal that CultCast host Erfon Elijah spent a good three minutes yesterday convincing my it’s totally ok to cruise Instagram from a urinal. “Just don’t don’t… Read more ›

Snapchat ghosts are ready to haunt the real world

Snapchat plans to start showing up in more places than just your iPhone. After introducing Snapcodes for easily adding friends from within the app, the social network is now letting users customize and print their own branded ghosts to share… Read more ›

You don’t have to have had your iPhone die at an inopportune time to conclude that current generation batteries kind of suck. Unlike most of us, however, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has the resources to do something about it. In… Read more ›

Looking for a gorgeous chair to sit in while you get to grips with your brand new Apple Watch? If you happen to have a spare seven-figure sum lying around, you could have snapped up this riveted aluminum and fiberglass… Read more ›

Apple is leading the charge in environmental responsibility, and it’s only just getting started. That’s the message from the company’s 2015 progress report, which details all of the ways Apple is striving “to leave the world better than we found… Read more ›

Today, 1Password developer AgileBits announced that their popular iOS password management app, 1Password, has been updated to the Apple Watch. But 1Password could even be cooler in the updates that follow. 1Password for both OS X and iOS are already… Read more ›