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Should Android makers really be worried about iPhone SE? [Friday Night Fights]

The iPhone SE is finally starting to sell out after making its official debut last week, greeted by glowing reviews from fans and critics. It’s the best 4-inch phone money can buy, but is it enough to win over the millions of consumers buying affordable Androids? It certainly has the looks, and with the same internals […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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iPhone SE is a hit in China (but scalpers are worried)

The iPhone SE may look tiny, but it’s already become a big hit in China. Apple’s new iPhone doesn’t hit stores until March 31st, however, pre-orders for the iPhone SE have already topped 3.4 million in China according to early estimates that show the iPhone SE will be much better received than the iPhone 5c. […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Jimmy Iovine is still worried about the future of music

With the purchase of Beats Electronics and the subsequent launch of Apple Music, Jimmy Iovine quickly became Apple’s best hope for saving the music industry. But in a new interview, the Beats co-founder says it’s just not cool to be into music anymore. To help ignite the scene, Iovine and Dre created an Academy for […][Read More…]

Intel CEO says he’s not worried about Apple ditching them for ARM

Rumors that Apple might ditch Intel chips in the Mac for ARM-based chips of their own designing are nothing new. Back in 2012, we reported that Apple would soon be dropping Intel chips from all their Macs. And earlier this…Read more ›

The FDA Is Worried About You Using The iPhone For Urinalysis


The FDA has gone after Biosense, a health startup that makes uCheck, an automated urine analyzer sold directly to end customers. You pee on a strip then use the uChek iPhone app to take a picture and analyze the contents of your urine for health info like glucose. Biosense claims that it can help detect up to 25 diseases, like diabetes, pre-clampsia, and urinary tract infection.

A letter has been sent to Biosense from  [Read More…]

Apple Is Worried The Color iPhone Will Be A Dud [Rumor]


In a characteristically terse reports, the ever-spotty DigiTimes is backing up recent reports that Apple is readying a plastic 4-inch iPhone with a colorful casing… but also claiming, bizarrely, that Apple doesn’t have much faith that such an iPhone would sell.

Digitimes says that the budget iPhone, which they claim will boast a 4-inch LTPS panel and an A6 processor, is only going to have a limited production run:

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Words To Eat: Sharp Says They Arent Worried About Apples iTV

Photo by Thomas Hawk – http://flic.kr/p/5FefCC

Japans Sharp, maker of huge-screen televisions, voiced confidence Thursday as it told reporters Apple isnt much of a concern. What about the almost incessant chatter that the tech giant will enter the TV manufacturing market with an iTV in 2012? Its not something were studying very hard, an executive claims. Unclear whether this is bravado or whistling past the graveyard, but perhaps Sharp missed  [Read More…]

Worried Your iPads Going To Get Swiped? You Might Want One of These

Of all the Apple stuff Ive ever owned, only an iPod Mini and my beloved 3rd-Gen iPod and maybe a few stickers have ever been stolen; I consider myself lucky. If MacBook Pros come with slots to keep them locked down, why not the iPad? Griffin says why not, indeed with their new TechSafe Case($ 80). The casecomes with a polycarbonate case which has two foldout stands for both  [Read More…]

Worried Your iWeb Blog Will Die Out With MobileMe? Upload It All to WordPress With This Handy Conversion Tool

www.youtube.com/watch?v=IkEYzS8zHok If youve plowed years of hard work into maintaining an iWeb blog, you must be concerned about what will happen to your site with the impending death of MobileMe just around the corner. But thanks to this handy conversion tool from RAGE software, you can transfer it all to WordPress within minutes. iWeb to WordPress is a $ 50 tool that will convert all of you iWeb blog posts and any comments made on them to a  [Read More…]