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Don’t worry, 3D Touch will still work with screen covers

Apple’s new 3D Touch technology will work even if you cover your display with a protective screen, says Apple’s senior VP of marketing, Phil Schiller. Because the new iPhone 6s can sense the amount of pressure exerted on its display, some Apple fans have worried that the new Peek and Pop technology won’t work with […]

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Mercedes CEO will worry about iCar when Apple worries about their phone

Mercedes-Benz already lost a key employee to Apple’s project Titan, but Daimler AG chairman Dieter Zetsche says he’s not losing any sleep thinking about Cupertino’s rumored self-driving car. At the launch of the new Mercedes-AMG C63 sports sedan in Portugal…Read more ›

Don’t worry about malware, just enjoy your Mac (and maybe win a MacBook Air)

This post is brought to you by Bitdefender. Macs are not immune to cyberattack and viruses. Though the threats are real, leading antivirus maker Bitdefender doesn’t use scare tactics to warn people about malware targeting Macs. Instead, Bitdefender is running…Read more ›

Sony backs out of Steve Jobs movie, but don’t worry!

Just as Steve Jobs had to go through some frustrating years of failure before returning to Apple to turn in around, so too is the Aaron Sorkin Jobs biopic experiencing its fair share of setbacks. Following the recent news that…Read more ›

Apple: ‘Vast majority of OS X users’ need not worry about Shellshock exploit

Security researchers recently uncovered a bug in Bash, a core shell tool used in Linux and Unix computers for the last couple of decades. OS X is built on Unix, so concern arose about the Mac’s vulnerability to hackers exploiting…Read more ›

Don’t Worry, Spies Didn’t Really Steal The iOS 7 Jailbreak

When will the iOS 7 jailbreak arrive? Although earlier reports suggested it might already be in the chamber, and proof that exploits had already been found, the iOS 7 jailbreak still remains elusive. That should not be a surprise. We…Read more ›    [Read More…]

What, Me Worry? Track Your Anxiety With iOS App, Worry Watch

It seems to me that we do a lot of unnecessary worrying in our lives. There’s a lot of generalized anxiety floating out there, and–absent a clinical diagnosis of anxiety–perhaps we could all benefit from keeping track of what we worry about, and how often. If nothing else, it’s a good way to figure out […]

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Don’t Worry, A Google Play Edition Moto X Is In The Works

IMG_1122-1500The most head scratching feature of the new Moto X is that it’s running Android 4.2.2 instead of the new 4.3 that was released last week, even though Motorola is owned by Google and theoretically should have early access to new Android software before it comes out. If you’re bummed about not getting the latest […]

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Can’t Download VLC For iOS? Don’t Worry, It Hasn’t Been Pulled Again

vlc-errorVLC made a comeback on iOS today, but if you didn’t get it within a few hours after it became available, then you’re out of luck, because it has disappeared again. But don’t worry — it hasn’t been pulled; an App Store issue is preventing it from being found. We had feared that the pesky […]

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iPhone 5 Demand Is Doing Just Fine, Don’t Worry About The Supply Cuts [Analyst]


Earlier this week, The Wall Street Journal reported that Apple has cut its iPhone 5 component orders by as much as half following “weaker-than-expected” demand for device. The news sent Apple’s stock price plummeting, but according to some analysts, there’s nothing to worry about. iPhone 5 demand is doing just fine, according to Sterne Agee’s Shaw Wu, and the component cuts are in no way related to poor demand.

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