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Apple started selling its brand new official Lightning connector dock earlier this year. While it turned out to be a bit less fragile in reality than it looks on first glance, we can’t help but wish Apple had released the… Read more ›

BMW would be open to working with Apple on a car project

BMW would be open to collaborating with Apple to build a next-generation car, according to the company’s production chief, Oliver Zipse. Speaking earlier today in Frankfurt, Zipse noted that “We live in a world of partnerships,” and that an Apple… Read more ›

If Sony invented the iPhone, it would look like this

Ever imagined what it would be like if Sony, not Apple, had delivered the first truly modern smartphone? If the Walkman had never gone out of style, just evolved with the times? Well, it’d probably look something like this. Designed… Read more ›

  When iOS 9 rolls out to the public this fall, it’ll be iPad users that appreciate it most, thanks to the many improvements Apple has made to multitasking. One of the biggest is Split View, a feature that’s exclusive… Read more ›

Apple today published a patent designed to allow users to control an interface by striking a pose with the upper half of their body. According to the paperwork filed by Apple, this would work by having Apple devices generate a… Read more ›

What iPhone would have looked like back in 1984

Apple has become the most valuable company in the world thanks to the incredible success of the iPhone. Over half a billion iPhones have been sold since the original was released in 2007, but do you ever wonder what the… Read more ›

007 would Bond with these historic spy gadgets

Never mind that espionage is a dangerous line of work. The secret agent game promises plenty of intrigue and lots of fun spy gadgets.  If I knew exactly what today’s tools of the trade are, someone would probably have to… Read more ›

What Westeros would look like in Apple Maps

Let’s just leave aside the obvious Apple Maps jokes, here, and focus on how cool this Etsy user’s map is. It’s Westeros, George R. R. Martin’s now famous land from Game of Thrones, made to look like a modern map… Read more ›

What it would be like if Siri was actually your mom

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching, which means that annual 30-minute phone call with mom is just around the corner. For me, it’s borderline unbearable to talk on the phone that long, but the folks over at Daily Dot have imagined… Read more ›

With its roly-poly looks and infectious personality, new droid BB-8 looks primed to be a real scene-stealer when Star Wars: The Force Awakens hits theaters at the end of the year. And now we know what the ballsy little bot… Read more ›