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Wingo Easy-Hold Kindle Case Would Be Perfect For The iPad Mini

Before you say anything: Yes, I know this is a case for the Kindle and not for an iPad or other Apple device. But I don’t care because a) it’s super cool and should be made for the iPad mini and b) you probably own a Kindle anyway. It’s called the Wingo, and it adds […]

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Steve Jobs Would Have Thought Google Glass Was For Sexless Nerds

stevejobsglassThere’s a lot of talk these days about Google Glass, Google’s new futuristic wearable computer that functions like a set of cyborg glasses, overlaying a HUD of Google products and search services over your life. It certainly sounds impressive, and early reviews from the usual techno-nerds are positive. But what would Steve Jobs have thought […]

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Would Jony Ive Really Shrink The iPad Mini Again To Add A Retina Display?


Mobileaks says the above render comes from a tipster who has seen the iPad mini 2 with Retina display. We’re not so convinced.

According to a “source” speaking to Mobileaks, these will be the specifications of the iPad mini 2:

7.9 inch Retina display 2048 x 1536 pixels 324 ppi Apple A6X processor 8.0 megapixel camera 2.0 megapixel front camera 16, 32, 64 GB internal memory 7.5 mm thickness

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The iPhone Mini Running Jonathan Ive’s Redesigned iOS 7 Would Be Gorgeous [Gallery]


What would a budget or mid-range iPhone mini look like with a radical new vision of iOS 7 installed on it, fronted by that skeuomorph-hating design perfectionist, Jony Ive?

Martin Hajek — one of the most talented Apple concept designers around — wanted to know, so he created a new budget iPhone concept that features bighter colors, a smaller screen, and a plastic backshell inspired by the iPad mini, then “installed” Dámaso Benítez’ “really nice  [Read More…]

J.P. Morgan: The ‘Budget’ iPhone Would Kill Samsung’s U.S. Smartphone Marketshare In 12 Months


We’ve been talking a lot about the budget iPhone in recent months, mostly in relation to the emerging market (where the vast majority of the remaining smartphone growth is expected to happen in the next five years), but here’s a question: even if Apple, as they are rumored to do, release their first plastic iPhone since the iPhone 3GS, how are they going to price it low enough to actually penetrate third-world  [Read More…]

This Is What An Apple Ad For Beer Would Look Like [Video]

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y3rNQ2pTyAY]

No one launches a product like Apple. There are lines, and fanboys, and cheering, and crying. It’s truly amazing. But what if Apple Stores were stocked full of beer instead of gadgets?

Somersby Cider made an excellent ad which parodies Apple’s product launches… only it’s all about beer. They’ve even got docking stations and different storage options for your brew.


Source: YouTube

This iOS 7 Concept Would Add More Utility And Minimalism To Your Lockscreen [Video]



One of our biggest hopes for iOS 7 is that it will come with a huge update on UI. iOS is starting to look a bit old and everyone’s tired of the skeuomorphic features. It needs some innovative minimalist touches from Jony Ive.

Mohamed Kerroudj has created his own vision for what the iPhone’s Lockscreen should look like. The linen backgrounds have been replaced by flat white surfaces, but what’s better  [Read More…]

Is This What A Cheap iPhone In Different Colors Would Look Like? [Image]


We keep hearing rumors that the iPhone 5S is going to come to us in a rainbow of different color options. While we find it hard to believe that Apple will colorize the iPhone 5S, we do think the rumored cheaper iPhone, with it’s plastic or carbon fiber body, would be perfect for colorization.

Concept artist Martin Hajek has a few new renders of what a colorful iPhone 5S or cheap iPhone would  [Read More…]

Ex-CEO John Sculley Thinks Apple Is Experiencing A “Lull In Innovation” And He Would Know


Ex-Apple CEO John Sculley’s tenure at Apple was marked for a lack in innovation that eventually almost sunk the company, before Steve Jobs came back to rescue it in the late 90s. So he’s an expert in what makes a company go wrong.

According to Sculley, that’s just what is happening in the Tim Cook years. He says the company is experiencing another “lull in innovation” and needs to find its next  [Read More…]

The Flexible Glass Apple Would Need For An iWatch Won’t Be Ready For 3 More Years

it will be awhile before you'll be able to bend this around your wrist.

it will be awhile before you’ll be able to bend this around your wrist.

It was recently reported that Apple is working on a wristwatch computer with a curved glass display. The glass was speculated to be Corning’s Willow Glass, a brand new technology that lets a thin pane of glass fold up like a newspaper. “The thinness, strength and  [Read More…]