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OneNote update shows why iPad would benefit from a stylus

Anyone wanting to see what productivity tools would look like on an iPad with stylus need look no further than Microsoft’s updated OneNote iOS app. Having just updated its OneNote app for Mac, the iPad app adds OCR scanning of… Read more ›

Intel says ARM-based Macs would be much slower

Intel’s talking a lot of smack about ARM lately. Around a month ago, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich said that he wasn’t worried about Apple ditching Intel for ARM chips. And today, Intel’s chief financial officer, Stacy Smith, is openly scoffing… Read more ›

Apple would take a bite out of GoPro with this action cam concept

    It’s no secret that Apple has given some thought to wearable cameras. The company already has a patent that would crush GoPro if it ever decided to make sports cameras, but there’s not enough money in the market for Apple… Read more ›

Android would kill for a tenth of iOS 8’s adoption

Almost three quarters of iOS users have upgraded to the newest version of Apple’s mobile operating system, according to the latest stats shared by the company. As measured by visits to the App Store on February 2, Apple claims that 72… Read more ›

Even Steve Jobs would approve if the iPad Pro’s stylus looks like this

Over the weekend, we showed you sexy new renders that showed the rumored new 12-inch MacBook Air and iPad Pro side-by-side. Designed by render artist extraordinaire Martin Hajek, it gave us our best look yet at what Apple’s next big… Read more ›

How Apple would have made Google Glass a success

Now that Google has pulled Glass off the market, for the time being at least, we’re left with a handful of questions that can’t be easily answered — even by a face-mounted computer. Questions like, “What went wrong?” And, “What… Read more ›

7 things Steve Jobs would have hated about Apple today

A lot has changed at Apple in the years since Steve Jobs died. While much of it is good (record-breaking iPhone sales, work on the new Apple campus, the stock-split leading to new share price highs), it’s unavoidable that one… Read more ›

Would you buy this iPod Classic smart cover for the iPhone 6?

Usually, we tell you what we think about things that come down the Mac and iOS news pipeline. But this time, we want your opinion: what do you think of this iPod Classic smart cover for iPhone that turns your… Read more ›

Zuckerberg attacks: If Apple really cared about customers, iPhones would cost less

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has lashed out at Tim Cook’s privacy policy, calling it “ridiculous,” and knocking Apple for pricing its products as highly as it does. Zuckerberg’s rebuttal follows comments made by Cook in September, in which he noted… Read more ›

Concept app shows how Apple Watch would let you skip Starbucks line

We’re months away from being able to shackle our wrists to the Apple Watch, but the UI designers at Impekable have been busy dreaming up new app experiences that will delight wearers once the timepiece is finally available. “Our concept… Read more ›