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It’s time to wrangle your unruly password situation [Deals]

We’ve all got a system for keeping track of the dozens of online passwords we need these days. While some are more effective than others, none are as simple and secure as keeping all your passwords and auto-fill information under a single password. That’s exactly what Password Boss Premium does, and right now you can […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Wrangle Your Whole Family’s Photos Into One Place Automatically Using Photosync 2.0 [How To]

Set this once, and all your iPhone pictures will be auto-filed whenever you arrive home.This post is as much for our Dear Leader Leander Kahney as much as it is for you, our wonderful and ever-curious reader. It solves a problem Leander struggled with for a full thirty seconds before tossing it to us minions in the Cult of Mac HipChat room. The problem: How to get all the […]

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