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Apple Watch wins the wrist war before it starts

Ever since Tim Cook unveiled the Apple Watch last September, it’s been one disappointment after another as far as I’m concerned. Apple’s first wearable won’t come in the minimalist form factor of the fitness bracelets I love. Worse yet, the… Read more ›

Xiaomi may have risen rapidly to become the world’s third-biggest smartphone maker, but that’s not enough for a company which seems to have Apple-sized ambitions to go along with its Apple-borrowed designs. With wearables being the next huge tech revolution,… Read more ›

Looking for an affordable smartband without the fancy bells and whistles? Razer’s new Nabu X could be exactly what you’re after. Priced at under $ 50, the minimalistic device connects to your smartphone and brings super simple notifications to your wrist… Read more ›

Despite never having laid their hands upon an Apple Watch, developers are feverishly crafting apps for the long-awaited wearable. To do this, they face considerable challenges: The size of the device is unlike anything most of them have ever contemplated,… Read more ›

Android Wear hack shackles Windows 95 to your wrist

Android Wear’s complete customization features give it an advantage Apple Watch can’t match once it launches next year. Everything on Android Wear and you could even make it look just like Apple Watch’s UI if you want, or if you’re… Read more ›

The iWatch is coming. No one really know what it will do yet, but Steven Milunovich, UBS’ top Apple analyst, claims that if Apple has its way, you’ll use the iWatch mostly to send voice messages back and forth with your… Read more ›

Finally … a stylish smartwatch! Smart watches are cool, but very, very nerdy-looking. Not that being a nerd is off-putting, but you may not always want to send that message when someone looks at your wrist. That’s why the COOKOO… Read more ›

A new report out of China says that Apple’s long-awaited iWatch could debut as early as summer this year, sometime after WWDC, and ship 65M units to start. But how far can it be trusted? A report from the Economic… Read more ›

Pebble Notes, a new iPhone app written by a student for students, puts important information on your wrist by sending your notes to your Pebble. So many of us rely on the notes we’ve created and stored on our smartphones… Read more ›     

The Saddle Lets You Mount an iPhone onto Your Wrist

digifit-saddle-1  This is something we don’t see often enough: outside-the-box thinking applied to sports armbands for the iPhone. Digifit — an outfit we’ve covered before that makes fitness tracking devices and software — took the tired old bicep-hugging armband and slid it all the way down to the forearm; presto, no more yoga poses just […]

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