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Purple Lens Flare Problem Occurs Because You’re Holding Your iPhone 5 Wrong, Apple Says

Last week a number of people noticed that the lens flare on their iPhone 5 is really purple. When you have an off-screen light source the iPhone 5′s lens turns the light into a purplish hue, rather than the bright white color the light would be when it’s on-screen. All lenses have lens flare, and sometimes it’s purple, but the iPhone 5′s seemed to be more pronounced that others.

Apple support has  [Read More…]

Report: Steve Jobs Initially Got it ‘Wrong’ on Retail

In a candid new interview with Fortune, former Apple retail chief and new J.C. Penney CEO Ron Johnson opens up about how he convinced late Apple boss Steve Jobs to shed his initial vision for what would become the company’s hugely successful retail presence.

According to Johnson, Jobs originally wanted Apple stores to be tailored to business and creative professionals, not general consumers. “I said, ‘Well, then I’m not coming. If you want to be a  [Read More…]

Why the Emotional Criticism of iBooks Author Is Wrong

A smattering of journalist authors are freaking out over Apple�s license agreement for the free new iBooks Author tool.

ZDnet�s Ed Bott called the license agreement �greedy and evil.��PCmag.com�s Sascha Segan wrote: �Like iBooks Author? Apple now owns you.��Even Daring Fireball�s John Gruber called it �Apple at its worst.�

Et tu, Gruber?

What�s strange about these emotional responses to Apple�s legalese is that they fail the reality test. Apple�s iBooks Author terms  [Read More…]

I Was Wrong about Apples iWatch

In September of 2010, I wrote a column in this space deflating the idea that Apple would ever make and sell a wristwatch.

I still think my reasoning was sound. But I didn�t know then what I know now. Specifically, two Apple technologies have become central to Apple�s long-term strategy. These two products � Siri and iCloud � change everything.

And because of these two products and how central they are to  [Read More…]

Samsung Admits It Was Wrong To Sue Apple In Germany

Samsung dropped its lawsuit against Apple in Germany after discovering a Qualcomm licensing agreement could shield the iPhone 4S from 3G patent-infringement charges. The South Korean smartphone maker later denied it was letting Apple completely off the hook.

In a tweet from the Mannheim, Germany courthouse, patent expert Florian Mueller of FOSS Patents, writes �Samsung has formally given up attacking the iPhone 4S with 3G Patents. Recognizes Apple is licensed thru  [Read More…]

The Apple Collection Was Everything That Was Wrong With Late 80s Apple [Gallery]

In 1985, after a power struggle developed between Steve Jobs and John Sculley, Apple Computer�s charismatic co-founder was forced out of the company his vision had created. For the next twelve years, the company foundered, lost marketshare hand over fist and almost went bankrupt before Jobs returned to the company in 1997 to put things right.

We all know that story. Still, it�s amazing how just one item from the dark  [Read More…]

How Was Everyone So Wrong About The @$#!ing iPhone 5? [Punk’d]

Apple has just emptied their magician�s hat onto the table, and out of that silk showman�s topper spilled the brand new iPhone 4S. For some of us, the revelation of �just� a faster iPhone 4 was a disappointment� but it was much more than a disappointment to hundreds of case makers who had bet millions of dollars between them on a radical redesign.

Ah, the mythical iPhone 5. A slimmer, tear  [Read More…]