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Microsoft Boss Confirms We Won’t See Xbox Games On Android Or iOS

originalMicrosoft announced earlier this week that it is bringing the PC classic Age of Empires to Android and iOS, and that sparked speculation that the software giant may be into porting Xbox games over, too. But don’t get your hopes up, because Microsoft Game Studios boss Phil Spencer has confirmed that it’s not going to happen. Nikkei first […]

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Apple TV Vs. Xbox One And Tim Cook Goes To Washington On Our All-New CultCast

New cultcast site promo pic heath

This week on The CultCast: Apple Chief Tim Cook brings his Southern charm to Washington, hints at an iHologram; we break down the Apple tax debacle and say why their overseas billions are too legit to quit; and Xbox One vs. Apple TV, should Apple be worried?

All that and more on this week’s CultCast. Stream or download new and past episodes on your Mac or iDevice  [Read More…]

Microsoft Unveils New Xbox One Console


This morning Microsoft unveiled  its newest console, the Xbox One. Unlike previous Xbox models though, Xbox One isn’t just about games, it’s about becoming the one system your living room needs, and it probably means trouble for the Apple TV.

Not only can Microsoft’s latest box play video games with the best of them, but Microsoft has added features to make it the only box your TV really needs by recognizing  [Read More…]

Microsoft Needs To Hire Jonathan Ive–The XBox One Is Just Plain Fugly

Where do I put the betamax?

Where do I put the betamax?

Ok, so if you’ve been paying attention to the gaming space today, you’ll know that Microsoft unveiled its new gaming console, the XBox One. This next generation console is going to play video games, control your TV (sort of), and act as a DVD/Blue-Ray player. It’s got a Kinect motion sensor box on top, which can not be disconnected and it  [Read More…]

Why The Apple TV Has Nothing To Fear From The Xbox One


Today Microsoft unveiled the Xbox One at its Redmond, Washington campus. As the battle for the living room rages on, Microsoft has won a decisive victory that puts it well ahead of the competition.

The Xbox One is just as much for all-around entertainment as it is for gaming, perhaps even more so. It’s designed to be the one box that sits below your TV and does everything: games, movies, live  [Read More…]

Kinect-Powered Xbox TV Will Try To Eat Apple’s Living Room Lunch


Speaking of Microsoft, they’re the latest company said to be eyeing the living room, designing a new set-top box to go head-to-head with the Apple TV. But Microsoft might have an ace up their sleeves.

According to sources speaking to The Wall Street Journal, Microsoft has made several prototypes of their set-top box over the last couple of years, but the latest prototype supports the Kinect accessory for the Xbox  [Read More…]

Xbox Founder Says Apple Could Easily Destroy Microsoft’s Xbox If It Wants


Even though Tim Cook and Apple say that the Apple TV is really just a hobby right now, people are scared of it. Intel’s launching a competing product later this year. Samsung’s rushing to get more content on their SmartTVs, and Microsoft and Sony are probably going to announce new consoles this year that will appeal to casual users.

Apple TV really doesn’t do a lot right now other than streaming  [Read More…]

Microsoft Is Building An Xbox Set-Top Box To Compete With Apple TV [Rumor]

Apple TV is just a hobby, but it’s still a pretty great product that beats most of the other low-cost entertainment service set-top boxes on the market. It turns out that Microsoft may want in on the action and is building there own Apple TV type of device to compete with Apple.

Sources at Microsoft have confirmed to The Verge that the Redmond company has plans to introduce a low-cost alternative  [Read More…]

Kids Want An iPad For Christmas More Than They Want A Wii U, Xbox, Or Anything Else


Your kid probably wants something from Apple for Christmas this year. It’s a fact. No I’m not being an ultimate fanboy who’s saying that just to make Apple look cool or spread Apple’s evangelical message of peace, love and minimalism.

Kids this year want an iPad more than anything. More than an Xbox, Wii U, computer, or even a smartphone.

According to a survey conducted by Nielsen Wire among kids  [Read More…]

This Week’s Must-Have iOS Apps: Xbox SmartGlass, Clear, Tally & More [Roundup]

Microsoft’s awesome Xbox app for iOS got a major update this week, and it’s kicking off this week’s must-have apps roundup. It’s accompanied by another great update to Clear, a terrific list-management tool; plus a nifty counting app for iPhone, and a new photography app that lets you apply awesome effects to your photos.

Xbox SmartGlass — Universal (Free)

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NBGkSuaqWEE?fs=1&feature=oembed&w=640&h=360]

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