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Time To Fire Up Your Xbox Kinect! Microsoft’s Xbox Guinness World Record Event Is Starting Now!

Not content with just being in the Guinness Book of World Records for having the fastest selling consumer electronics device, Microsoft is now going after another record and they need your help.

The plan is thus: Microsoft wants to break the record for the "most people running a virtual 100m dash at one time" and has made Xbox Live available to everyone between the 21st and 25th of April. In order to join in all you’ll need to do is  [Read More…]

Kinect for Xbox 360 Now Adds Support For Netflix

Netflix on Xbox 360 has got a major update to include support for controlling the experience using Kinect for Xbox 360 peripheral.

With this new update for Netflix on Xbox 360, you will be able to control Netflix user interface by various gestures, such as waving of hand, and voice.

Today we released an update to the Netflix experience on Xbox 360. The next time you start up Netflix,  [Read More…]

New Xbox 360 Update Preview Program Begins, All Testers Will Get Free Halo: Reach Copy – Sign Up Now!

When Microsoft is getting ready to push a new Dashboard update out to our beloved Xbox 360s, the Redmond outfit likes to have a few guinea pigs. You know, a few people to test the new software out in the wild before we get our greasy mits on it. Today they launched a new preview program and you can sign up right now.

Before you all rush on over to the  [Read More…]

Next Generation Xbox Hardware To Surface By 2015?

News out of ZDNet today brings the possibility Microsoft could be ready to release the next generation Xbox in 2015.


The image shown below came from a Ben Peterson’s web portfolio, part of Intelligent Entertainment Business – a group brought in by Microsoft to look at potential future user experience scenarios. Could this  [Read More…]

Kinect For Xbox 360 Hacked To Work With Sony PlayStation 3 [Video]

It’s a headline we didn’t expect to be writing, but sure enough it’s true. One clever hacker has found a way to get the Xbox Kinect to work with Sony’s PS3.


As CrunchGear reports however, this isn’t quite ready for primetime! The hack works by connecting a Kinect to a laptop, which in turn sends the data to a DIYPS3Controller. From there data gets sent to the lucky  [Read More…]