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The Apple Watch’s S1 chip looks great under X-Ray

Yesterday, we reported that the S1 microprocessor inside the Apple Watch was roughly equivalent to the A5 chip inside the iPhone 4s, iPad mini, and iPad 2. But if you wanted even more detail on what makes the Apple Watch’s…Read more ›

Kindle App Gets Integrated Table Of Contents, Better X-Ray

The iOS Kindle app just got an update, and it’s a good one. The left sidebar that you can summon while reading now has direct access to the table of contents, and you can access X-Ray info just by tapping…Read more ›

Amazon Updates Its Kindle App For iOS To Introduce X-Ray For Books

X-Ray for Books comes to iOS.

Amazon has issued an update to its Kindle app for iOS today, introducing its excellent X-Ray for Books feature which has been a big selling point for the company’s own Kindle hardware. If you’re not already familiar with it, X-Ray allows you to see the “bones of the book,” Amazon says, helping you learn more about its characters, places, and phrases.

With X-Ray, you can break  [Read More…]

Transparent iPhone 5 Wallpaper Gives You X-Ray Vision to See Internals

Transparent iPhone 5 wallpaper

Have you ever wished you had x-ray vision so you could peer right through the enclosure of your iPhone 5 to see the fancy hardware insides? Now you can pretend you’re Superman with the help of a snazzy transparent wallpaper pack from iFixIt, which shows you precisely what the internals of an iPhone 5 look like as if the icons and UI were just hovering over raw hardware.

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Foxconn to Use X-Ray Machines to Inspect and Reduce Defects in iOS Devices

Foxconn, the major Apple supplier has begun adding automated X-ray machines to its assembly lines, allowing the supplier to inspect and cut down on defects found in iOS devices. According toCNETssources, Foxconns inline X-ray inspection systems have already begun to appear at its plants in China. The machines are said to rely on a software algorithm which checks solder joints and printed circuit boards at speeds fast enough that allow the production line to continue  [Read More…]

See the Inside of iMac, iPad, and iPhone with These X-Ray Wallpapers

X-Ray iMac wallpaper Recently we posted a Mac museum collection that featured an iMac using wallpaper that made it appear like you could see right through to the logic board. It turns out these images are from iFixIt, the company that likes to tear down Apple hardware. In the process of documenting their teardowns, iFixIt also has taken high resolution images that work great for wallpapers, giving the illusion that there  [Read More…]

Hack iPad 2 Now To Take X-Ray Photos Even Over Cloths

Jason Bradbury, the self-proclaimed Apple Expert, has discovered a simple hack that enables owners of the iPad 2 to take X-Ray photographs through clothes.By applying a filter after blasting a subject with infrared light, the iPad 2?s camera can see through clothing. The best part of the hack is that you do not need any type of training in radiology as it is incredibly simple and utilizes everyday household objects (infrared light and cellophane) to make it work.[Read More…]