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Swatch claims ‘One more thing’ trademark isn’t a jab at Apple. Yeah, right.

Swatch has denied that its trademarking of Steve Jobs’ famous “One more thing” phrase was a blatant attempt to troll Apple — arguing instead that it’s part of a new film noir-inspired watch line, referencing Peter Falk’s Columbo character. Yes, that’ll do. And Android’s blatant borrowing of the iOS interface was just a funny coincidence […][Read More…]

Want a free iPad Air 2? Yeah, we thought so. [Deals]

Apple’s iPad Air 2 represents the peak of sleek and powerful tablets, basically the only way to improve it would be to remove the price tag. Well, consider it improved: With just your email address, you’ll be entered to win a free iPad Air 2, and you even get to choose the color. Take a […][Read More…]

Did Tim Cook deliver? CoM says ‘Heck yeah’ on CNBC

There are a lot of Apple skeptics out there. CNBC thinks the new iPhone 6 models are nothing special, and diss the Apple Watch because it doesn’t work with Android. Watch Cult of Mac editor and publisher Leander Kahney set…Read more ›

I Want My NTV (Yeah, That’s Nexus TV)

A brand-new subscription news site called The Information published a story this week saying Google would launch a product within the next seven months called Nexus TV. I believe and hope the story is true. Because I’m rooting for Google…Read more ›    [Read More…]