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Does jailbreaking your iPhone really slow it down? Yes.

One of the reasons Apple says you shouldn’t jailbreak your iPhone is because it will impact performance. But is that actually true, or is that just what Apple wants you to believe? This video holds the answers. In the video, created by iAppleBytes, two 16GB iPhone 5’s running iOS 9.0.2 are compared. The only difference? […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Is there an iPhone storage crunch coming? These stats say yes.

Apple’s refusal to upgrade the cheapest iPhone to 16GB could be leading to a crisis, and these stats just might prove it. When the iPhone 6 came out, Apple (un)pleasantly surprised everyone by only upgrading two of the three storage…Read more ›

Can your iPhone survive a night in the snow? Yes.

It’s winter, and that means there’s just tons of snow out there. Ever wonder, though, if your iPhone could survive being frozen in snow? Well, don’t fret: it looks like it can. To see how the iPhone 6 Plus deals…Read more ›