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Hurricane Irene Shutters New York Apple Stores

Hurricane Irene is shutting down Apple stores in New York, in contrast to the 24/7, 365-day a year store hours listed on the site Apple has issued a warning that the stores will be closed.  The Fifth Avenue, Upper West Side, West 14th, Soho stores are all bracing for the storm and will be open again on Monday. The official message: “Due to weather conditions, we will be closed  [Read More…]

Earthquake in New York City Evacuates Apple Store on Fifth Avenue [Photo]

“Did you feel that?” That was the question many were asking on the east coast a couple of hours ago. A 5.8-magnitude earthquake sent tremors through New York and the New England area this afternoon, with the epicenter located in Virginia. 9to5Mac has obtained a photo of Apple’s evacuated flagship store on Fifth Avenue in New York City. Once the quake hit, Apple employees and customers were evacuated to Central Park while  [Read More…]

iFingerpainters Unite: Mobile ArtCon II to Hit New York

“Il Pensatore,” by Matthew Watkins, one of the MobileCon organizers, with Brushes app on iPad.

  The iAMDA (International Association of Mobile Digital  Artists) is gearing up for the second MobileArtCon taking place at the New York University’s Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) and other big apple locations, September 30 – October 2.

Mobile ArtCon  [Read More…]

Apple Is On The Hunt For Counterfeit Goods In New York

Image courtesy of International Business Times

In a bid to rid New York City stores of shoddy counterfeit goods, Apple has reportedly cracked down on a number of businesses that are selling fake accessories — seizing items found in its raids and demanding that companies change their names if they’re too similar to that of the Cupertino company itself. Recently discovered court documents reveal an Apple lawsuit filed against Apple Story  [Read More…]

A Look at the Redesigned Fifth Avenue Apple Store in New York City

After Apple’s plans for its flagship Fifth Avenue store in New York City where show off yesterday, Apple has released a rendering of what the final design of the store’s glass cube will look like.   Gothamist: “The company has now revealed the plan on their temporary facade, and they sent us over this new rendering and plant. Though it turns out nothing is wrong with the old cube, they want  [Read More…]

This Beautiful New York Girl Has Four iPads For A Head [Video]

This video of the “iPad Head Girl” walking around New York City is a new viral marketing campaign from Hearst, the company behind the new Cosmo For Guys publication that launches today on the iPad. Her expensive headwear features four iPads that show her head from different angles. But the best thing about this pricey hat is that when you’ve finished looking at her face, you can read her like a book. (Or magazine.) Each device displays a video as  [Read More…]

New York City Man Force Feeds His Girlfriend’s iPhone To Her

Well, that’s one way to end an argument about last month’s AT&T bill. A New York man has apparently been arrested after trying to ram his girlfriend’s iPhone down her throat.   37-year old patent attorney Brian Anscomb allegedly force fed his 23-year old girlfriend an iPhone during a fight on early Saturday, leaving bruises and cuts around her mouth. Anscomb apparently has quite the temper, and his assaults seem  [Read More…]

New York Post Blocks iPad Access Via Safari

In a ploy to sell more subscriptions, the New York Post has blocked all iPad access via Safari to its website. A recent report from paidContent.org gives a insight on the situation. According to thorough tests, the New York Post has blocked all connection to any part of its website via Safari. Even the front page is inaccessible. This move was made to have people re-direct their viewing of the New York Post to the official  [Read More…]

New York Times App Experiencing a ‘Glitch’ Allowing Free Access to Paid Articles

Click the image to open in full size. We received a tip from a reader this morning about a supposed glitch involving the very popular New York Times Times iOS app. According to the source, the app allows articles to be read without a subscription. Sounds too good to be true? Here’s what we can tell you based on the tip: Quote: Currently, users of versions which precede the new subscription model are unable  [Read More…]

New York Times Rolling Out Subscription Service for Digital Edition

Click the image to open in full size. The New York Times announced that they will be raising a paywall for the digital edition of one of the world’s most popular publications today. This will require users reading online, or on a iOS (or any other device) to pay a monthly subscription fee. The new service will allow users to access twenty articles per month for free. After that, users will be required to  [Read More…]