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How to Fix “This app is no longer shared with you” Error on iPhone & iPad

Some iPhone and iPad users have discovered a curious “This app is no longer shared with you” error message when trying to use some apps own their devices. For some users the error is apparently random, but for others it is showing up after updating apps, or after updating their system software to iOS 13.5, … Read More

Apple says ‘screw you’ to Europe’s largest hacker conference

The Chaos Computer Club, Europe’s largest collective of hackers, claims that Apple rejected the group’s streaming video app — which would allow users to watch talks from its Chaos Communications Congress event. Why? Because members of the conference had previously hacked iOS, and Apple doesn’t want to help spread the hacking word. The Congress event has run […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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‘Call it the iWatch and we’ll kill you’

Having written about the Apple Watch for many months before it was announced, I’ll admit that it was difficult for me to stop referring to it as iWatch. It seems that I was far from alone in this, too. Even…Read more ›

“Thank You” offers fans a graceful, de-fanged goodbye to True Blood

It’s time, Tru Believers, to watch the very last episode of HBO’s vampire romantic drama, True Blood. Overall, this final episode is slow and sweetly-paced, funneling down from the crazy, too-many-characters and plot lines of the past several seasons to…Read more ›

‘I Found You’ brings zombies, romance and mob justice to True Blood

Lots going on in this week’s episode of HBO’s vampire-romance television show, including answers on Eric’s whereabouts, more info on the infected, zombie-like Hep-V vampires, and a whole bunch of callbacks to the first season of the show. If you…Read more ›

Romantimatic Automates The “Thinking Of You“ Texts You Can’t Be Bothered To Send

You know how you really, really love your significant other? And how you like to remind him/her of just how important they are to you by sending sweet little messages to them every day? Well, now there’s an app for…Read more ›    [Read More…]

The Hunting: Part 1 Throws ‘You’ Into A Tap-Crazy Zombie-pocalypse [Review]

The Hunting is an interactive zombie film made for — and with — the iPhone. It presents a world in which the undead rise because of a spontaneous global failure of antibiotics. But that’s not really important; the main thing…Read more ›

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Why iOS 7 Is A “Work In Progress” And The New Features *You* Love On The CultCast

New cultcast site promo pic heath

With one WWDC special episode already already under our belts, you think we’d be good, but with so much great hardware and software coming out of Apple’s big 90-minute keynote, we had to make the pleasure last.

Join us for another new CultCast, this time with Wired writer and special guest Christina Bonnington, as we discuss our favorite iOS 7 features and why its current look is  [Read More…]

Instagram Introduces New ‘Photos Of You’ Tagging Feature On iPhone


There are so many pictures of clouds, coffee, sunsets and trees on Instagram, that sometimes it can be hard as hell to find pictures of things you actually care about, like family and friends. Instagram is rolling out a new photo tagging feature today that will help make finding people way easier – which might be a good or bad thing.

The new feature, called Photos of You, allows users to  [Read More…]

Fun Game: Will Captain Kidd’s Lost Treasure Be Found? It’s Up to You.

Every week Mac Games and More (http://www.macgamesandmore.com/) features a fun, Apple computer game to try out for free and play over the weekend. This week, enter the disturbing world of Edgar Allan Poe where golden bugs bite and jump into an engaging hidden object adventure. Download it now

Dark Tales – Edgar Allan Poe’s The Gold Bug – Collector’s Edition (hidden objects/adventure) – Loosely based on Edgar Allan Poe’s, The  [Read More…]