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Young app developer has caught the eye of Apple

Few things could excuse a kid from skipping his middle school graduation. Connor Chung had a note from Apple. It explained he would be needed in San Francisco for the WWDC. Once there, he would meet important people like Tim Cook, take part in brainstorming sessions with developers and engineers and lay the groundwork for […]

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‘Shot on iPhone 6′ campaign proves humbling for young photographer

Cult of Mac’s Photo Famous series introduces you to the groundbreaking photographers featured in Apple’s “Shot on iPhone 6″ ad campaign.  Michael Mainenti is in the developmental stages of a photography career, a point when he should be looking at…Read more ›

Neil Young pulls his albums from Apple Music cause it sounds soooo bad

Canadian singer-songwriter and musician turned high-fidelity music spokesman, Neil Young, announced that he’s fed up with music streaming service. Sure, there’s a lot less money in streaming than selling albums, but Young revealed to fans that he’s pulling his albums…Read more ›

Remembering Macworld, a young Steve Jobs and the birth of the Macintosh

The closing of Macworld is the end of an era. Thirty years ago, the publication was the midwife to the launch of the Macintosh. Cult of Mac has a series of exclusive recollections by the magazine’s founder Dave Bunnell, which…Read more ›

For young app makers, winning a WWDC Student Scholarship is a dream come true

For any Apple coder, attending the annual Worldwide Developers Conference is a coveted opportunity. But for the young recipients of WWDC 2014 Student Scholarships, a free ticket to the event means more than an adventure in geekery; it’s the crowning…Read more ›

We Heart It Is The Anti-Bullying Social Network For Teens, Young Adults

With teens and young adults leaving Facebook in droves, it’s up to social networks like We Heart It to pick up the slack. The new image-centric app is gaining a ton of traction with this highly-coveted target demographic, breaking the…Read more ›    

Previously Unseen Video Shows Young Steve Jobs Discussing The Macintosh [Video]

There are very few computers in history more famous than the Macintosh 128K. As a result, it’s pretty hard to unearth any new information about it. Fortunately, that is exactly what Time.com has managed to do, having discovered a video…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Join The Pork Side, Young Jedi, With Angry Birds Star Wars II And Ian McDiarmid [Video]

Rovio just released two new videos on YouTube. The above is the actual teaser trailer for the upcoming Angry Birds Star Wars II, itself revealed last month. In the trailer, the dark side Emperor pig is seen making a recruiting video of sorts for all the young piggies who need new weaponry to fight those […]

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Niel Young Claims Late Steve Jobs Worked On High-Def Audio Format

Niel Young,yes that Niel Young, claimed today that Apple was working on a new super high-def music format. In an interview with All Things D at the Dive Into Media conference today, Young claimed that he was working with the late Steve Jobs on a project that would bring studio-quality music to the digital download world. Young talked down MP3s claiming they have five percent of the data present in the original recording, and Apple  [Read More…]

Check Out The Radical Tattoo This Young Apple Fan Got In Tribute To Her Uncle [Image]

Weve got an affinity for great Apple tattoos here at Cult of Mac, but lets face facts: most of them are pretty bad. But the Apple-themed tattoo weve fallen in love with today is a lot better than another hipster giving him or herself a Think Different tramp stamp. Reader Karissa B. wrote us to show off her new Apple tattoo. We already liked it a lot: not only is  [Read More…]